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Dragon Ball Z: Movie Collection 1-13 + TV Specials (UK-import) (BLU-RAY)

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Collection of 13 Japanese animes and two television specials from the Dragonball Z series. In 'Dead Zone' (1989) Goku (voice of Masako Nozawa) is out fishing when he has a sense of impending doom. When he returns, he finds his son Gohan (Nozawa) has been kidnapped by Garlic Jr (Akira Kamiya)'s henchmen in an attempt to steal the four-star dragon ball from his hat. Goku must prepare for battle to save his son, but this becomes difficult when Garlic Jr summons Shenron (Kenji Utsumi) and wishes for immortality. In 'The World's Strongest' (1990), Gohan and Oolong (Naoki Tatsuta) set out to search for the missing dragon balls which are mysteriously being gathered together. They arrive at the Tsurumai-Tsuburi Mountains' eternal wall of ice, where they find Dr Kochin (Kôji Yada) who summons Shenron and wishes for Dr Wheelo (Kôji Nakata)'s lab to be broken free from the ice surrounding it. As the lab reveals itself, Gohan and Oolong are attacked out of nowhere by the Biomen but they manage to escape. Once free, they must hatch a plan to defeat Dr Kochin and Dr Wheelo before they wreak havoc on the world. In 'The Tree of Might' (1990) a seed from the Tree of Might has been planted on Earth by a group of space pirates. Once it has taken root, the Tree of Might will devour all life energy, leaving the planet a deserted land where no living thing can survive. Goku and his friends try to destroy the tree but find their power is not enough. Suddenly, they are attacked by the evil space pirates, and Gohan is captured by Turles (Nozawa), the pirate's evil leader. Can Goku save Gohan and the planet Earth from Turles? In 'Lord Slug' (1991) a giant asteroid is heading towards Earth, which could mean the end of the world. However, using their special powers, Goku and Krillin (Mayumi Tanaka) come to the rescue and manage to deflect the asteroid. Their triumph is short-lived, however, as the evil Lord Slug (Utsumi) appears from the surface of the asteroid intent on stealing Earth's natural resources and in the process wiping out the entire human race. In 'Cooler's Revenge' (1991) the recently-slain Frieza (Ryûsei Nakao)'s brother Cooler (Nakao) hears of his brother's death and must have his vengeance to protect his family's honour. Goku is caught off-guard when Cooler and his henchmen Doore (Masaharu Satô), Neiz (Masato Hirano) and Salza (Shô Hayami) land on Earth with the intention to kill him, and is badly wounded when he defends Gohan from a blast. Can Goku regain his strength and defeat Cooler before he destroys planet Earth and everyone he loves? In 'The Return of Cooler' (1992) Goku is horrified when he discovers that Cooler is back to invade New Namek and use the Namekians to power the Big Gete Star, his new ship. Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo (Toshio Furukawa), Oolong (Naoki Tatsuta), Yajirobe (Tanaka) and Master Roshi (Kôhei Miyauchi) arrive on New Namek and discover that the planet is being swarmed by massive silent robots and must find a way to defeat them and save the Namekians, which proves to be a difficult task. In 'Super Android 13' (1992) an unknown enemy designs extremely powerful Androids which prove to be far superior to any of Dr Gero (Kôji Yada)'s inventions. Goku, backed by his fellow Z-fighters, must race against time to stop further Androids from being made by hunting down the so far unidentified inventor of these terrifying weapons. In 'Bojack Unbound' (1993) a magnificent martial arts tournament draws in competitors from all over the galaxy as they portray their power and skills. The competition soon becomes a lot more heated, however, when wicked villain Bojack (Tessho Genda) intervenes and the warriors must fight for survival over victory. In 'Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan' (1993) Vegeta (Ryo Horikawa) is promised that he will be the rightful King of New Vegeta by the mysterious Saiyan, Paragus (Iemasa Kayumi). After rejecting this proposal at first, Vegeta accompanies Paragus in returning to the new planet with the other Z-Fighters and meets Paragus' son, Broly (Bin Shimada). It soon becomes apparent that Broly is mentally disturbed as he becomes infuriated at the mere presence of Goku who has arrived on New Vegeta after sensing that the North Galaxy is next to be destroyed by a Super Saiyan. Can Goku find and stop the Super Saiyan's destructive path before Broly unleashes his rage? In 'Broly - Second Coming' (1994) Goku has died after sacrificing himself to protect Earth from Cell's destruction and Goten (Nozawa), Trunks (Takeshi Kusao) and Videl (Yuko Minaguchi) are on a quest to gather the Dragon Balls. When they stumble upon a village named Nataday which is cursed by the presence of a monster they hatch a plan to defeat it, but Goten accidentally throws the plot off course and Videl strikes him, causing him to cry out. After crash landing on Earth and being comatose for seven years, Broly emerges when he hears Goten's crying and looks to seek out and destroy the Z-Fighters. Can the gang repel Broly's Legendary Super Saiyan power and defeat him at last? Finally, in 'Bio-Broly' (1994), Broly is regenerated after his blood is used by the evil Mr. Jaguar (Naoki Tatsuta) to create a clone of his body to be used as one of his special bio-warriors. Trunks and Goten attempt to kill him before he is able to rise again, but Broly becomes aware of Goten's presence and explodes with fury. As Jaguar has put Broly under instruction to destroy Hercule (Daisuke Gôri), the terrifyingly deformed Broly takes him on before aiming for Trunks and Goten. Will they put an end to the Bio-Broly's reign of terror? In 'Wrath of the Dragon' (1995) a malevolent sorcerer named Hoi (Juji Matsuda) unleashes the terrifying beast known as Hirudegarn (Shin Aomori) on Earth which can consume flesh and soul, and becomes ever stronger in its reign of terror. The only way to stop it and Hoi in their path of destruction is for Goku and the Z fighters to enlist the help of Tapion (Hiro Yûki), a warrior who might just be powerful enough to defeat Hirudegarn. In 'Fusion Reborn' (1995) an industrial accident in the Other World causes the dead to be brought back to life and chaos unravels. Goku and Vegeta (Ryô Horikawa) must fight to restore order in the Other World, while Goten and Trunks must defeat the ghost-like entities on Earth. Can the team band together to put things right before it's too late? In 'The History of Trunks' (1993), an alternate future sees Goku succumb to a heart virus. In order to stop this outcome from happening, they must travel back in time to obtain a certain medicine. Meanwhile, a young Trunks trains Gohan as the pair must overthrow Androids #17 (Shigeru Nakahara) and #18 (Miki Itô) as they annihilate Earth. In 'Bardock - The Father of Goku' (1990), a glimpse of the past shows Goku's father Bardock (Nozawa), as he is bestowed the power of foresight and can see the future. When he realises that his race's destiny hangs in the balance and what becomes of his son, Goku, Bardock incites a revolution against the villainous Frieza (Ryûsei Nakao) to stop the destruction of Vegeta.

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Produksjonsår 2018 Format BLU-RAY
Sone Sone B Sjanger Anime
Antall disker 7 Aldersgrense 12
Undertekster Engelsk Regissør Daisuke Nishio
Bestillingsnummer MANB8830 Serie Dragon Ball

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