Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - The Laughing Man (UK-import) (BLU-RAY)

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Compilation of stories that make up 'The Laughing Man' plot of 'Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex'. Six years before Major Kusanagi (voice of Atsuko Tanaka) and Section 9's current exploits, the president of a massively successful micro machine company was kidnapped and ransomed in what came to be known as the Laughing Man incident. Now, the detective responsible for the continued investigation contacts Section 9, wishing to meet with Togusa (Koichi Yamadera) and hand over crucial information.
Almost immediately, he is killed in an accident. Shortly afterwards, a police press conference is hijacked by the Laughing Man (Yamadera) who announces his return.


Produksjonsår 2005 Utgitt 2017
Format BLU-RAY Sone Sone B - Import
Sjanger Anime Antall disker 1
Spilletid 2 timer 33 minutter Aldersgrense 15
Undertekster Engelsk Lydformater DTS HD (Japansk), DTS HD (Engelsk)
Bildeformater Widescreen 16:9 Anamorphic Regissør Kenji Kamiyama
Skuespillere Animasjon Bestillingsnummer MANGB8806


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