Shivers (UK-import) (BLU-RAY)

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Canadian horror written and directed by David Cronenberg. The residents of Starliner Island seem to have an idyllic lifestyle - they live in a remote high-rise tower block with its own shopping complex, recreation facilities and even a private clinic. However, when a mysterious disease takes hold of the Starliner, random acts of sexual violence begin to occur.
At the clinic, Dr St. Luc (Paul Hampton) battles to find a remedy for the encroaching virus before the entire island is consumed in a wave of violence.


Produksjonsår 1975 Utgitt 2017
Format BLU-RAY Sone Sone B - Import
Sjanger Skrekkfilm Antall disker 1
Spilletid 1 timer 25 minutter Aldersgrense 18
Lydformater DTS HD (Engelsk) Bildeformater Widescreen 16:9 Anamorphic
Regissør David Cronenberg Skuespillere Barbara Steele, Lynn Lowry, Paul Hampton
Bestillingsnummer FCD1497 Leverandør Gardners


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