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Stingray (1978) / Stingray - For Full Speed (BLU-RAY)

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Hilarious 70's action/comedy that has two drug dealers shoot two cops who attempt to set them up and then make off with a million bucks and the drugs which they stash in a red Corvette Stingray in a used car lot. When they attempt to recover their stash with their leader, Abigail, they find out that two happy-go-lucky dudes, Elmo (Les Lannom) and Al (Christopher Mitchum) have bought the car. They quickly pursue the two along with the police who think the car's new owners are the criminals.

BRAND NEW HD MASTER with extensive restoration was made from the long lost director's cut of the movie that was unearthed in Richard Taylor's garage. The original cut consisted of unedited death scenes and additional dialogue not found in the edited PG-rated version released by Avco Embassy Pictures for the 1976 US theatrical release.
  • Audio Commentary With Writer/Director Richard Taylor.
  • On Camera Interviews With Writer/Director Richard Taylor, Villain Actor Bert Hinchman, Hero Actor Les Lannom And Lead Actress Sherry Jackson
  • Edwardsville Tour Full Aperature Stills Showcasing The Main Town Where The Film Was Shot, Edwardsville, Illinois.
  • "Hi-Gear" Music Video By Jerry Riopelle - "Hi-Gear" Cassette Remaster - "Hi-Gear" Title Track Re-Mastered Audio Recording
  • 40th Anniversary Q & A With Cast Members & Director From The Wildey Theater In Edwardsville.
  • Original Trailer
Produksjonsår 1978 Utgitt 2021
Format BLU-RAY Sone Sonefri
Sjanger Action Antall disker 1
Aldersgrense 16 Undertekster Engelsk
Regissør Richard Taylor Skuespillere Christopher Mitchum, Les Lannom, William Watson
Bestillingsnummer DKFO71140BR Serie Dark Force Entertainment