Absolute Beginner's Guide to Minecraft Mods Programming (BOK)

Rogers Cadenhead

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Mod Minecraft(R) into anything you can imagine, without becoming a technical expert! This book is the fastest way to master Minecraft modding and use Java to transform Minecraft's worlds, tools, behavior, weapons, structures, mobs...everything! Plus, you'll learn Java programming skills you can use anywhere. Learn how to do what you want, the way you want, one incredibly easy step at a time. Modding Minecraft has never been this simple! This is the easiest, most practical beginner's guide to creating killer Minecraft mods in Java...simple, reliable, full-color instructions for doing everything you really want to do! Here's a small sample of what you'll learn: * Set up your Minecraft server and mod development tools * Master Java basics every Minecraft modder needs to know * Read, write, store, and change information throughout your mod * Build mods that can make decisions and respond to player actions * Understand object-oriented programming and the objects you can program in Minecraft * Handle errors without crashing Minecraft * Use threads to create mobs that can do many things at once * Customize your mobs, and build on existing objects to write new mods * Spawn new mobs, find hidden mobs, and make one mob ride another * Dig holes and build structures * Create projectile weapons and potion effects * Share your mods with the world Minecraft(R) is a registered trademark of Mojang / Notch Development AB. This book was not created by and is not endorsed by Notch.


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Utgitt 2014 Forfatter Rogers Cadenhead
Pearson Que
ISBN 9780789753601
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