After Liberalism?: The Future of Liberalism in International Relations (BOK)

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This edited collection addresses the state of liberalism in light of recent crises and shifts within the international system. As economic growth stagnates in the West, power is shifting away from liberalism's heartlands. Liberalism is under attack, both as explanatory theory and as normative prescription. Will liberalism be able to surmount the theoretical and real-world challenges it faces today? In this volume, leading 21st-century thinkers provide their perspectives on the continuing role of the liberal paradigm, both as a theoretical approach to international relations, and as an ordering principle of international politics. The contributors examine liberalism's ability to function in view of its internal contradictions and the increasing complexity of a globalized world; assessing its future in view of the power shifts and political transformations in the international system and providing novel ways of thinking about liberalism's role, both in its practical workings and intellectual implications. The range of international contributors to this volume include Jonathan Caverley, Philip G. Cerny, Michael Cox, Louise Fawcett, G. John Ikenberry, Beate Jahn, Charles A. Kupchan, Margot Light, Cornelia Navari, Nicholas Rengger, Christian Reus-Smit, Nabarun Roy, Frank Schimmelfennig, Brian C. Schmidt, Peter Trubowitz and Ren Xiao.


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Andre medvirkende Kevork Oskanian, Ramon Pacheco Pardo, Rebekka Friedman Emner og form Social & political philosophy, International relations, Liberalism & centre democratic ideologies