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Bloody British History: Camden (BOK)

Marianne Colloms

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* BLACK DEATH! The HORRORS of the PLAGUE in Camden! * My WIFE is under the floor! The true story of Camden murderer DOCTOR CRIPPEN! * The elephant stampede! WEIRD ACCIDENTS and STRANGE EVENTS galore! Camden has a dark side to rival that of any London borough. The haunt of highwaymen, its fields also witnessed numerous duels. Crime, poverty and depravity were rife in parts of Holborn until the late nineteenth century. The first murderer to be caught using the transatlantic cable lived in Camden, and the last woman to be hanged shot her lover outside a Hampstead pub. With grave-robbers and grisly graveyard exhumations, eccentric residents and rioting peasants, and featuring tons of weird true events, you'll never see the borough in the same way again!
Språk Engelsk Engelsk Innbinding Heftet
Utgitt 2013 Forfatter Marianne Colloms
The History Press
ISBN 9780752487380
Antall sider 96 Dimensjoner 23,4cm x 16cm x 0,9cm
Vekt 188 gram