Cider Planet - Exploring the Producers, Practices, and Unique Traditions of Craft Cider and Perry fr (BOK)

Claude Jolicoeur

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Real cider, craft cider, farm cider, artisan cider: Whatever you wish to call it, at its best, cider is made and should be enjoyed like a fine wine, with all of the sophistication but less of the pretentiousness. Just as there are many volumes devoted to the great wine regions of the world, we now need a 'cider appreciation' manual to fully understand and delve into the rich culture of cider and perry. Cider Planet is that book and Claude Jolicoeur is our expert guide.

In Cider Planet, Claude Jolicoeur - a cider expert, a passionate cider maker, and author of the internationally-acclaimed New Cider Maker's Handbook - takes readers to the world's greatest cider regions, providing a guided tour and a deep understanding and appreciation for how this 'Prince of Beverages' is made. Describing orchard practices and specific apple varieties used in different countries, he reveals the long and proud history of the world's oldest ciderlands. He also profiles different cider styles and rituals and learns from some of the most knowledgeable producers and local cider experts in each country.

Cider, though, is no longer just a traditional European drink. In recent years it has caught on in other parts of the globe and Jolicoeur talks about these new and emerging regions, which are building upon the old traditions and creating new ones of their own. Jolicoeur also explores the most revered areas for making pear cider or 'perry', and he even transports readers to Kazakhstan, famous as the 'birthplace of the domestic apple'.
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Utgitt 2022 Forfatter Claude Jolicoeur
Chelsea Green Publishing Co
ISBN 9781645021414
Antall sider 336 Dimensjoner 17,8cm x 25,4cm x 3,2cm
Vekt 989 gram Originaltittel Cider Planet - Exploring the Producers, Practices, and Unique Traditions of Craft Cider and Perry from Around the World
Emner og form Hagearbeid: frukt og grønnsaker, Matlaging etter ingrediens, Mat og drikke: alkoholholdige drikkevarer, Øl og sider, Matlaging: konservering og frysing, Mat og drikke: drikke, Food & society