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Cooking with Herbs (BOK)

Valerie Ferguson

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You can bring distinctive fresh tastes to your food with the fragrance of herbs. You can enjoy the distinctive taste of fresh herbs in your cooking, with over 30 fabulous herb-filled recipes. You can make the most of a range of fresh herbs, for example, basil, mint, oregano, parsley, sorrel and lavender. You can enhance all kind of dishes with the delicate taste of herbs, from soups and appetizers to fish, chicken, meat, vegetarian dishes, salads, desserts and drinks. It includes tempting ideas such as Wild Mushroom and Parsley Soup, Fresh Herb Pizza, and Rosemary Bread. It includes guidance on choosing, preparing, storing and using culinary herbs. Herbs add taste and aroma to a variety of dishes. Often only the leaves are used, but occasionally the stalks or flowers are added to recipes too. This book shows you how to use them to their full potential, whether picked from the garden, bought fresh from the supermarket or used in dried form. It is a concise illustrated guide that provides an at-a-glance directory of common culinary herbs, and useful techniques such as chopping, freezing and drying. The recipes include delights such as Fillets of Haddock Baked with Thyme & Garlic and Herb Garden Dressing. With 100 photographs, this is a handy book for cooks who like to prepare fresh and fragrant food.
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Utgitt 2013 Forfatter Valerie Ferguson
Lorenz books
ISBN 9780754827337
Antall sider 64 Vekt 270 gram