Left neglected (BOK)

Left neglected (BOK)

Lisa Genova

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One typical morning, Sarah Nickerson, a woman in her mid-thirties, is late for work, racing in her car after dropping her kids off at school and daycare. She tries to phone in to a meeting she should already be at when she takes her eye off the road for a second too long. In that blink of an eye, all the rapidly moving parts of her over-scheduled life come to a screeching halt. Sarah suffers a traumatic head injury. Her memory and intellect are intact, but she has lost all interest in, and the ability to perceive, information coming from the left side of space. The left side of her world has gone. Sarah only eats the food from the right side of her plate. She can't see her watch, or her engagement diamond or her wedding ring. She tries to use a wheel chair but can only spin in circles as her left arm dangles by her side.


Språk Engelsk Engelsk Innbinding Heftet
Utgitt 2011 Litteraturtype Skjønnlitteratur
Forfatter Lisa Genova Forlag
Schibsted Internasjonale Bøker AS
ISBN 9780857203403 Vekt 314 gram
Leverandør SentralDistribusjon AS Emner og form Ulykker, Romaner

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