Pokemon Crochet Vol 2 - Bring even more Pokemon to life with 20 cute crochet patterns (BOK)

Lee Sartori

Slippes 21/02 2023
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What do you get if you combine amigurumi-the Japanese art of crocheting small stuffed toys-with Pokemon? Only a second volume of the best crochet book ever! Pokemon Crochet Vol 2 provides detailed step-by-step instructions so you can create 20 different Pokemon. It's a varied selection, with plenty of interesting colors and shapes to ensure hours of crocheting fun. The Pokemon will be instantly recognizable to fans of the phenomenally popular Japanese game and TV series.

In all their colorful and wonderful shapes, these amigurumi are as true to the craft of crochet as they are to the Pokemon universe. All Pokemon trainers need to train-themselves and their Pokemon. The same is true with crochet.

To help in your training, the book starts with a how-to guide to understanding crochet patterns, then explains and demonstrates the various stitches needed to make the Pokemon. Then it addresses the special techniques you'll need to master, which tools and materials you'll need, and then how to put everything together to make a perfect Pokemon plushie. The projects are split into three skill levels: Beginners, then Easy, and finally Intermediate patterns that are a little trickier.

But whichever level you work on, the results are stunning. Pokemon included:Mew * Mimikyu * Scorbunny * Mareep * Snom * Turtwig * Chimchar * Piplup * Munchlax * Slowpoke * Riolu * Clefairy * Cubone * Growlithe * Chansey * Espeon * Umbreon * Glaceon * Leafeon * SylveonAuthor Lee Sartori has been a Pokemon fan since she was a child, and a crochet and amigurumi aficionado since she can remember. She combines both passions to perfection in this book that combines instruction with invention.

Officially licensed by The Pokemon Company International. (c) 2022 Pokemon. TM, (R) Nintendo.
Språk Engelsk Engelsk Innbinding Heftet
Utgitt 2023 Forfatter Lee Sartori
David & Charles
ISBN 9781446309353
Antall sider 112 Originaltittel Pokemon Crochet Vol 2 - Bring even more Pokemon to life with 20 cute crochet patterns
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