Possibility Unleashed: Pathbreaking Lessons for Making Change Happen in Your Organization and Beyond (BOK)

Marc Harrison

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From the visionary leader of one of America's most innovative healthcare systems comes a game-changing guide that will help you face your fears, transcend discord and polarization, and drive positive systemic changeWhen Marc Harrison became CEO of Intermountain Healthcare, one of the nation's largest healthcare systems, the organization was already a well-regarded and financially stable player in the industry. Nevertheless, Harrison led an ambitious transformation that has unleashed Intermountain's workforce to look beyond the organization and tackle a range of problems that have both the healthcare industry and our broader society. Bucking the prevailing culture of conflict and polarization, leaders at all levels are empowered to convene diverse stakeholders in unorthodox ways to solve problems that affect everyone.

It's a radical approach that is unique in American business-and it's working. In Possibility Unleashed, learn the lessons of:Talking to your "enemies"Embracing an outsider's perspectiveNavigating identity politics while acknowledging and leveraging cultural differencesBreaking out of habitual domains to solve problemsBuilding relationships and partnering with your competitorsAddressing social issues that are more connected to organizational success than you may thinkPursuing the right kind of growthCreating a culture of both hard-driving performance and kindnessIt's a bold approach to leadership that is not only proving to be remarkably effective but pragmatic, results-oriented, collaborative, and healing. You can have a far greater impact on society than you realize while also building strong, financially healthy organizations where people love to work.

This inspiring book shows you how.
Språk Engelsk Engelsk Innbinding Innbundet
Utgitt 2023 Forfatter Marc Harrison
McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN 9781264646708
Antall sider 288 Originaltittel Possibility Unleashed: Pathbreaking Lessons for Making Change Happen in Your Organization and Beyond
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