Reekin Rhymes (BOK)

Roald Dahl

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Nae doot ye think ye ken this story. Ye dinnae. The real yin's faur mair gory.

The phoney wan, the wan you ken, Wis cooked up auld lang syne and thenMade tae soond aw saft and sappyJist tae keep the bairnies happy. Mind ye, they got the first bit richt,The bit whaur in the deid o nicht,The Hackit Sisters, jewels and aw,Mairched swiftly tae the Palace Baw,While yon wee darlin CinderellaeWis doon the cellar weet and smellyWhaur rats hauf-mad for things tae eatBegan tae chaw on baith her feet... An enjoyable unputdownable scandalous retelling of traditional tales like Cinderella and Snow White made funnier and more gruesome in Matthew Fitt's hilariously honkin couplets in Scots.

Roald Dahl took great delight in shocking and surprising his young readers and remains as popular as ever. This first ever translation of Revolting Rhymes into Scots is an exciting addition to the growing number of high quality books available to children and young people to read in the wonderfully rich and expressive Scots tongue.
Språk Engelsk Engelsk Innbinding Heftet
Utgitt 2018 Forfatter Roald Dahl
Bonnier Books Ltd
ISBN 9781785301834
Antall sider 52 Dimensjoner 19,8cm x 26,1cm x 0,5cm
Vekt 246 gram Oversetter Matthew Fitt
Originaltittel Reekin Rhymes Illustratør Quentin Blake
Emner og form Skjønnlitteratur for barn og ungdom: humor, Barn og ungdom: lyrikk

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