Your Name is Your Blessing (BOK)

Benjamin Blech

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The authors write: "Kabbalah, or Jewish mysticism, long ago realized that a person's name is far more than a means of identification. Although given at birth by parents, it carries within it Divine prophecy and providence. Indeed, after death, one of the first questions the Heavenly Court asks is if we lived up to the meanings--as well as responsibility--of our names..."Your Name Is Your Blessing: Hebrew Names and Their Mystical Meanings is the first book of Hebrew names that offers not only a comprehensive list of ancient and modern names with their meanings, but also a mystical insight, by way of gematria (the numerical value of letters), into the personality, the soul, the prophetic destiny, and the blessing of every person based on his or her name. "In the kabbalistic system of gematria, wherein letters speak to us through their numerical meaning, the very word in Hebrew for name, shem, is the same in number as the word sefer, a book. A name has hidden in it the story of the book of one's life. To decode it is to have an almost Godly insight into oneself or another human being. "In Your Name Is Your Blessing, we provide the answers needed for this analysis. Every name has alongside of it not only its simple meaning but also its gematria--the all important total of its letter components. Connected to it is a biblical word that shares exactly the same total and therefore sheds light on its Torah-based significance. A name and a biblical message become profoundly linked--as if the Torah spoke directly to you. That is then followed by a phrase with a succinct message that also has exactly the same gematria--and hence summarizes in yet another way what one's name expresses. "When all of these--the name's meaning, gematria, biblical word, and equivalent phrase--are viewed together, they allow for an interpretation that may well predict one's future. That serves as the last entry for every name in this book: his or her blessing. "With all of this information, we believe this book is a "m


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Utgitt 1999 Forfatter Benjamin Blech
ISBN 9780765760531
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