20th Century Superstar (4CD)

Marc Bolan & T.Rex

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Disk 1
  1. The Road I´m On (Gloria) as Toby Tyler
  2. Blowin´ In The Wind as Toby Tyler
  3. The Wizard as Marc Bolan
  4. Beyond The Risin´ Sun as Marc Bolan
  5. The Third Degree as Marc Bolan
  6. San Francisco Poet as Marc Bolan
  7. Eastern Spell as Marc Bolan
  8. Hippy Gumbo as Marc Bolan
  9. Misfit as Marc Bolan
  10. Jasper C. Debussy as Marc Bolan
  11. Desdemona with John´s Children
  12. Midsummer Night´s Scene with John´s Children
  13. Sara Crazy Child with John´s Children
  14. The Lilac Hand of Menthol Dan as Marc Bolan
  15. Sleepy Morris as Tyrannosaurus Rex
  16. Highways (aka Misty Mist)
  17. Child Star
  18. Chateau In Virginia Waters
  19. Puckish Pan
  20. Lunacy´s Back
  21. Debora
  22. Hot Rod Mama
  23. Scenescof
  24. One Inch Rock
  25. Salamanda Palaganda
  26. Conesuala
  27. Juniper Suction
  28. Nickelodeon
  29. Pewter Suitor
  30. The Seal Of Seasons
  31. Catblack (The Wizard´s Hat)
  32. Chariots Of Silk
  33. Iscariot
Disk 2
  1. King Of The Rumbling Spires
  2. Do You Remember (Steve on vocals)
  3. Do You Remember (Marc on vocals)
  4. Once Upon The Seas Of Abysinnia
  5. Ill Starred Man
  6. Demon Queen
  7. By The Light Of The Magical Moon
  8. Lofty Skies
  9. Elemental Child
  10. Dove
  11. The Prettiest Star By David Bowie (Marc on Lead Guitar )
  12. Oh Baby as Dib Cochran & The Earwigs
  13. Ride A White Swan (Intro ) as T.Rex
  14. Ride A White Swan as T.Rex
  15. Ride A White Swan (Outro) as T.Rex
  16. Untitled Poem as Marc Bolan
  17. Jewel as T.Rex
  18. Diamond Meadows as T.Rex
  19. Beltane Walk as T.Rex
  20. Suneye as T.Rex
  21. Childe as T.Rex
  22. The Children Of Rarn as T.Rex
  23. Hot Love as T.Rex
  24. King Of The Mountain Cometh as T.Rex
  25. Mambo Sun as T.Rex
  26. Cosmic Dancer as T.Rex
  27. Get It On as T.Rex
  28. There Was A Time/Raw Ramp as T.Rex
  29. Rip Off as T.Rex
Disk 3
  1. Jeepster as T.Rex
  2. Life´s A Gas as T.Rex
  3. Sailors Of The Highway as T.Rex
  4. Telegram Sam as T.Rex
  5. Cadillac as T.Rex
  6. Baby Strange as T.Rex
  7. Metal Guru as T.Rex
  8. Thunderwing as T.Rex
  9. Spaceball Ricochet as T.Rex
  10. Children Of The Revolution as T.Rex
  11. Jitterbug Love as T.Rex
  12. Xmas Flexi Message as T.Rex
  13. Solid Gold Easy Action as T.Rex
  14. Born To Boogie as T.Rex
  15. 20th Century Boy as T.Rex
  16. Highway Knees as T.Rex
  17. Electric Slim & The Factory Hen as T.Rex
  18. Left Hand Luke as T.Rex
  19. The Groover as T.Rex
  20. Blackjack as Big Carrot
  21. Truck On (Tyke) as T.Rex
  22. City Port as T.Rex
  23. Teenage Dream as T.Rex
Disk 4
  1. Venus Loon as T.Rex
  2. Painless Persuasion vs The Meathawk Immaculate as T.Rex
  3. Change as T.Rex
  4. Till Dawn as T.Rex
  5. Light Of Love as T.Rex
  6. Zip Gun Boogie as T.Rex
  7. Think Zinc as T.Rex
  8. Solid Baby as T.Rex
  9. New York City as T.Rex
  10. Chrome Sitar as T.Rex
  11. Dreamy Lady as T.Rex
  12. Christmas Bop as T.Rex
  13. Jupiter Liar as T.Rex
  14. Dawn Storm as T.Rex
  15. London Boys as T.Rex
  16. I Love To Boogie as T.Rex
  17. Laser Love as T.Rex
  18. Life´s An Elevator as T.Rex
  19. To Know Him Is To Love Him as Marc Bolan & Gloria Jones
  20. Teen Riot Structure as T.Rex
  21. The Soul Of My Suit as T.Rex
  22. Dandy In The Underworld (Album Version) as T.Rex
  23. Celebrate Summer as T.Rex


Utgitt 2002 Format 4CD
Sjanger Rock Antall spor 108
Artist Marc Bolan & T.Rex Label Universal Music
Leverandør Universal Music Bestillingsnummer 4934522