36 Unreleased Recordings From The Late 50''s And 60's (2CD)

The Everly Brothers

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Disk 1
  1. That's Too Good To Be True
  2. I Wonder If I Care As Much
  3. How Did We Stay Together
  4. Maybe Tomorrow
  5. I Didn't Mean To Go This Far
  6. Should We Tell Him
  7. It's Too Late To Say Goodbye
  8. Since You Broke My Heart
  9. All I Ask Of Life
  10. Give Me A Future
  11. I'll Throw Myself At You
  12. Made To Love
  13. Life Ain't Worth Living
  14. Kiss Me Once
  15. Dancing On My Feet
  16. Do You Love Me
  17. When Will I Be Loved
  18. It's All Over
Disk 2
  1. Give Me A Future
  2. Maybe Tomorrow
  3. How Did We Stay Together
  4. Since You Broke My Heart
  5. You're The One
  6. Will I Ever Have A Chance Again
  7. Who's To Be The One
  8. Don't Call Me, I'll Call You
  9. Captain, Captain
  10. You Can Fly
  11. Her Love Was Meant For Me
  12. Hello Amy
  13. I'll Bide My Time
  14. Oh What A Feeling
  15. Turned Down
  16. I'm Tired Of Singing My Song In Las Vegas
  17. I'm Gonna Make Real Sure
  18. Only Me


Utgitt 2006 Format 2CD
Sjanger Rock Antall disker 1
Antall spor 36 Artist The Everly Brothers
Label Import Leverandør Import
Bestillingsnummer VAR066762.2