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A Good Year For The Roses - The Complete Musicor Recordings (4CD)

George Jones

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  1. Wrong Side Of The World
  2. As Long As I Live
  3. The Poor Chinese
  4. New Man In Town
  5. Beneath Still Waters
  6. The Green Grass Grows All Around
  7. Let It Rain Let It Shine
  8. I´ll Sail My Ship Alone
  9. Possum Holler
  10. I Can´t Go Home
  11. How Wonderful A Poor Man´s Life Can Be
  12. Unwanted Babies
  13. Tell Me Something I Don´t Know
  14. Even The Loser (Likes To Dream)
  15. Between My House And Town
  16. Mansion Hill
  17. Your Angel Steps Out Of Heaven
  18. On Second Thought
  19. Barbara Joy
  20. When The Grass Grows Over Me
  21. Burn Another Honky Tonk Down
  22. Same Old Boat
  23. When The Wife Runs Off
  24. I Don´t Have Sense Enough
  25. Do What You Think´s Best
  26. Third Time Down
  27. Our Happy Home
  28. You´ve Become My Everything
  29. My Mom And Santa Claus
  30. Lonely Christmas Call
  31. I Cried Myself Awake
  32. Heartaches And Hangovers
  33. Divorce Or Destroy
  34. Great Big Spirit Of Love
  35. Milwaukee Here I Come
  36. Just An Average Couple
  37. I´ll See You While Ago
  38. She´s Mine
  39. If Not For You
  40. The Race Is On
  41. I´ll Share My World With You
  42. The Hardest Part Of All
  43. How Much Rain
  44. Where Grass Won´t Grow
  45. Old Blue Tomorrow
  46. Shoulder To Shoulder
  47. The Fortune I´ve Gone Through
  48. For Better Or For Worse (But Not For Long)
  49. She´s As Close As I Can Get
  50. No Blues Is Good News
  51. I Know
  52. Among The Few
  53. Papa´s Wagon
  54. Never Grow Cold
  55. Mama Take Me Home
  56. Playing Possum
  57. I Just Got Tired Of Being Poor
  58. You Can Always Come Back
  59. Going Life´s Way
  60. Okie From Muskogee
  61. Image Of Me
  62. Love Me
  63. I Stayed Long Enough
  64. All I Have To Offer You Is Me
  65. Mama´s Hungry Eyes
  66. Each Season Changes You
  67. Will You Visit Me On Sunday
  68. I´m Finally Over You
  69. Rosie Bokay
  70. These Hands
  71. A Wound Time Can´t Erase
  72. Try
  73. Where Could I Go
  74. Loving You Makes You Mine
  75. Tell Me My Lying Eyes Are Wrong
  76. Leaning On The Shoulder Of Love
  77. A Good Year For The Roses
  78. A Day In The Life Of A Fool
  79. You And Your Sweet Love
  80. A Good Year For The Roses
  81. I´ll Follow You (Up To Our Cloud)
  82. With Half A Heart
  83. A Good Old Fashioned Cry
  84. Imitation Of Love
  85. You´re Still On My Mind
  86. Open Pit Mine
  87. Poor Little Rich Boy
  88. My Favorite Lies
  89. The Old, Old House
  90. There´s No Justice
  91. I Made Leaving (Easy For You)
  92. Brothers Of The Bottle
  93. Late Getting Home
  94. They´ll Never Take Her Love From Me
  95. Lifetime To Regret
  96. You Put Living Back In Life
  97. She´s Lonesome Again
  98. You Gotta Be My Baby
  99. Wrong Number
  100. I Wouldn´t Know About That
  101. Yearning
  102. Would It Do Me Any Good
  103. Someone Sweet To Love
  104. Sometimes You Just Can´t Win
  105. Right Won´t Touch A Hand
  106. Getting Over The Storm
  107. Wrapped Around Her Finger
  108. I Can Still See Him In Your Eyes
  109. Fightin´ Side Of Me
  110. Come Sundown
  111. Knock Three Times
  112. The Last One To Touch Me
  113. Free As A Breeze
  114. After You
  115. Love Makes It Alright
  116. Saginaw Michigan
  117. Who´ll Turn Out The Lights
  118. Hello Darlin´
  119. High On The Thought Of You
  120. You Made A Believer Out Of Me
  121. I Fall In Love Everyday
  122. Get Some Loving Done
  123. Our Love Is Forever
  124. Everything´s Gonna Be Alright
  125. Will I Ever Love Again
  126. I Had You
  127. My Special Memory
  128. Everytime I Think Of You
  129. She´s More Of A Woman
  130. Heaven Made Women
  131. I Can Love You Enough


Utgitt 2009 Format 4CD
Sjanger Country Antall disker 1
Antall spor 131 Artist George Jones
Label Bear Family Bestillingsnummer BCD16929