A Spectrum Of Infinite Scale (CD)

Man Or Astro-Man?

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  1. Pathway To The Infinite
  2. Song Of The Two-Mile Linear Particle Accelerator Stanford University, Stanford, California
  3. Preparation Clont
  4. Curious Constructs Of Stem-Like Devices Which Now Prepare Themselves To Be Thought Of As Fingers
  5. Um Espectro Sem Escala
  6. Many Pieces Of Large Fuzzy Mammals Gathered Together At A Rave And Schmoozing With A Brick
  7. Rhombus
  8. Very Subtle Elevators
  9. Within One Universe There Are Millions
  10. Spectograph Reading Of The Varying Phantom Frequencies Of Chronic, Incurable Tinnitus
  11. Simple Text File, A
  12. Obligatory Part 2 Song In Which There Is No Presently Existing Part 1, Nor The Plans To Make One
  13. Multi-Variational Stimuli Of Sub-Turgid Foci Covering Cross Evaluative Techniques For Cognitive Analysis Of Hypersignificant Graph Peaks Following Those Intersubjective Modules Having Biodegradable Seepage


Utgitt 2000 Format CD
Sjanger Indierock Antall spor 13
Artist Man Or Astro-Man? Label Import
Leverandør Import Bestillingsnummer TOU906.2