All The Nations Airport - Deluxe Edition (2CD Remastered)

Archers Of Loaf

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Disk 1
  1. Strangled By The Stereo Wire
  2. All The Nations Airports
  3. Scenic Pastures
  4. Worst Defense
  5. Attack Of The Killer Bees
  6. Rental Sting
  7. Assassination On X-mas Eve
  8. ChummingThe Ocean
  9. Vocal Shrapnel
  10. Bones Of Her Hands
  11. Bumpo
  12. Form And File
  13. Acromegaly
  14. Distance Comes In Droves
  15. Bombs Away
Disk 2
  1. Density (7-inch Single, Alias, 1996)
  2. Little Jets (Unreleased B-side)
  3. Strangled By The Stereo Wire (Atna 4-Track Demo)
  4. All The Nations Airports (Atna 4-Track Demo)
  5. Scenic Pastures (Atna 4-Track Demo)
  6. Trilogy (Atna 4-Track Demo)
  7. Assassination On X-Mas Eve (Atna 4-Track Demo)
  8. Chumming The Ocean (Atna 4-Track Demo)
  9. Vocal Shrapnel (Atna 4-Track Demo)
  10. Bones Of Her Hands (Atna 4-Track Demo)
  11. Bumpo (Atna 4-Track Demo)
  12. Form And File (Atna 4-Track Demo)
  13. Acromegaly (Atna 4-Track Demo)
  14. Distance Comes In Droves (Atna 4-Track Demo)
  15. Bombs Away (Atna 4-Track Demo)
  16. Density (Atna 4-Track Demo)
  17. Little Jets (Atna 4-Track Demo)
  18. There Has To Be Something (Atna 4-Track Demo)
  19. Total Failure (Atna 4-Track Demo)


Utgitt 1996 Format 2CD Remastered
Sjanger Indierock Antall disker 1
Antall spor 34 Artist Archers Of Loaf
Label Fire
Bestillingsnummer FIRECD236