America Eats Its Young (Remastered) (CD)


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  1. You Hit The Nail On The Head
  2. If You Don´t Like The Effects, Don´t Produce The Cause
  3. Everybody Is Going To Make It This Time
  4. Joyful Process, A
  5. We Hurt Too
  6. Loose Booty
  7. Philmore
  8. I Call My Baby Pussy Cat
  9. America Eats Its Young
  10. Biological Speculation
  11. That Was My Girl
  12. Balance
  13. Miss Lucifer´s Lave
  14. Wake Up
  15. Loose Booty (bonus track)
  16. A Joyful Process (bonus track)


Utgitt 1972 Reutgitt 2005
Format CD Sjanger Soul
Antall disker 1 Antall spor 16
Artist Funkadelic Label Westbound/Ace
Bestillingsnummer CDSEWM229