Arne: Artaxerxes (CD)

Roy Goodman

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  1. Overture
  2. ACT 1 - Still silence reigns around; Fair Aurora, pr'ythee stay
  3. Alas, thou know'st that for my Love of thee; Adieu, thou lovely Youth
  4. O cruel parting!; Amid a thousand racking Woes
  5. Be firm my Heart; Behold, on Lethe's dismal Strand
  6. Stay, Artaxerxes, stay; Fair Semira, lovely Maid
  7. I fear some dread Disaster; When real Joys we miss
  8. Ye Gods, Protectors of the Persian Empire; How hard is the Fate
  9. Where do I flay?; Thy Father! away, I renounce the soft Claim
  10. Ye cruel Gods, what Crime have I committed?; Acquit thee of this foul Offence
  11. Appearance, I must own, is strong against me; O too lovely, too unkind
  12. Dear and beloved shade of my dead Father; Fly, soft Ideas, fly
  13. ACT 2 - Guards, speed ye to the Tower; In Infancy, our Hopes and Fears
  14. So far my great Resolve succeeds; Disdainful you fly me
  15. Why, my dear Friend, so pensive, so inactive?; To sigh and complain
  16. How many Links to dire Misfortune's Chain!; If o'er the cruel Tyrant Love
  17. Which fatal Evil shall I first oppose?; If the River's swelling Waves
  18. Ye solid Pillars of the Persian Empire; By that belov'd Embrace
  19. Ah me! at poor Arbaces parting; Mosnter, away!
  20. See, lov'd Semira!; Thou, like the glorious Sun
  21. ACT 3 - Why is Death for ever late
  22. Arbaces!; Water parted from the Sea
  23. That Front, secure in conscious Innocence; Tho' oft a Cloud, with envious Shade
  24. My Son, Arbaces - where art thou retir'd?; O let the Danger of a Son
  25. Ye adverse Gods!; O, much lov'd Son, if Death
  26. Perhaps the King releas'd Arbaces; Let not Rage thy Bosom firing
  27. What have I done! alas, I vainly thought; 'Tis not true, that in our Grief
  28. Nor here my searching Eyes can find Mandane; For thee I live, my Dearest
  29. To you my People, much belov'd, I offer; The Soldier tir'd of War's Alarms
  30. Behold my King, Arbaces at thy Feet; Live to us, to Empire live (chorus)


Utgitt 1996 Format CD
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 2
Antall spor 30 Artist Catherine Bott, Christopher Robson, Ian Partridge, Mark Brown, Patricia Spence, Philippa Hyde, Richard Edgar-Wilson, Roy Goodman, The Parley Of Instruments Choir, Thomas Arne, Tony Faulkner
Label Hyperion Leverandør Naxos Norway AS
Bestillingsnummer CDA67051