Assassins In The House Of God (CD)

All Out War

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  1. Curtain Call For The Crucified
  2. Behind The Crescent And The Cross
  3. FTK (Politics Of Apathy)
  4. Assassins In The House Of God
  5. Into The Arms Of Annihilation (Angels Of Genocide)
  6. Glorified In Deceit
  7. Bow To The Hypocrites (Drenched In Defeat)
  8. Infitada (Angels Of Genocide)
  9. Beyond Redemption
  10. When Your Gods Have Failed
  11. Cursed In Damnation (And All Shall Suffer)



Utgitt 2007 Format CD
Sjanger Metal Antall disker 1
Antall spor 11 Artist All Out War
Label Victory Records Bestillingsnummer VCR343.2