At The Movies 1959-1974 (CD)

Cliff Richard

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Disk 1
  1. No Turning Back
  2. Living Doll
  3. Mad About You
  4. Love
  5. Voice In The Wilderness
  6. Shrine On The Second Floor
  7. Friday Night
  8. Got A Funny Feeling
  9. Nothing Is Impossible
  10. Young Ones
  11. Lessons In Love
  12. When The Girl In Your Arms
  13. We Say Yeah (It's Wonderful To Be Young)
  14. Outsider
  15. Seven Days To A Holiday
  16. Summer Holiday
  17. Let Us Take You For A Ride
  18. Stranger In Town
  19. Bachelor Boy
  20. Swingin' Affair
  21. Dancing Shoes
  22. Next Time
  23. Big News
  24. Wonderful Life
  25. Girl In Every Port
  26. Little Imagination
  27. On The Beach
  28. Do You Remember
  29. Look Don't Touch
  30. In The Stars
  31. What've I Gotta Do
  32. Matter Of Moments
  33. Shooting Star
  34. Finders Keepers
  35. Time Drags By
  36. Washerwoman
  37. La La La Song
  38. Oh Senorita
  39. This Day
  40. Paella
  41. Two A Penny
  42. Twist And Shout
  43. I'll Love You Forever Today
  44. Questions
  45. It's Only Money
  46. Midnight Blue
  47. Game
  48. Brumburger Duet
  49. Take Me High
  50. Anti Brotherhood Of Man
  51. Winning
Disk 2
  1. No Turning Back (from 'Serious Charge')
  2. Living Doll (from 'Serious Charge')
  3. Mad About You (from 'Serious Charge')
  4. Love (from 'Expresso Bongo')
  5. Voice In The Wilderness, A (EP version) (from 'Expresso Bongo')
  6. Shrine On The Second Floor, The (from 'Expresso Bongo')
  7. Friday Night (from 'The Young Ones')
  8. Got A Funny Feeling (alternate take 30) (from 'The Young Ones')
  9. Nothing's Impossible (from 'The Young Ones') - Grazina Frame
  10. Young Ones, The (original undubbed master) (from 'The Young Ones')
  11. Lessons In Love (from 'The Young Ones')
  12. When The Girl In Your Arms (from 'The Young Ones')
  13. We Say Yeah (from 'The Young Ones')
  14. Wonderful To Be Young, (It's) (alternate take 24) (from the US version of 'The Young Ones')
  15. Outsider
  16. Seven Days To A Holiday (from 'Summer Holiday')
  17. Summer Holiday (from 'Summer Holiday')
  18. Let Us Take You For A Ride (from 'Summer Holiday')
  19. Stranger In Town, A (from 'Summer Holiday')
  20. Bachelor Boy (from 'Summer Holiday')
  21. Swingin' Affair, A (from 'Summer Holiday') - Grazina Frame
  22. Dancing Shoes (from 'Summer Holiday')
  23. Next Time, The (from 'Summer Holiday')
  24. Big News (from 'Summer Holiday')
  25. Wonderful Life (from 'Wonderful Life')
  26. Girl In Every Port, A (from 'Wonderful Life')
  27. Little Imagination, A (edited version) (from 'Wonderful Life')
  28. On The Beach (from 'Wonderful Life')
  29. Do You Remember (from 'Wonderful Life')
  30. Look Don't Touch (previously unreleased)
  31. In The Stars (from 'Wonderful Life')
  32. What've I Gotta Do (from 'Wonderful Life')
  33. Matter Of Moments, A (from 'Wonderful Life')
  34. Wonderful Life (alternate take 18) (from 'Wonderful Life')
  35. Shooting Star (from 'Thunderbirds Are Go!')
  36. Finders Keepers (from 'Finders Keepers')
  37. Time Drags By (from 'Finders Keepers')
  38. Washerwoman (from 'Finders Keepers')
  39. La La La Song (from 'Finders Keepers')
  40. Oh Senorita (extended version) (from 'Finders Keepers')
  41. This Day (from 'Finders Keepers')
  42. Paella (from 'Finders Keepers')
  43. Two A Penny (from 'Two A Penny')
  44. Twist And Shout (from 'Two A Penny')
  45. I'll Love You Forever Today (from 'Two A Penny')
  46. Questions (film version) (from 'Two A Penny')
  47. It's Only Money (from 'Take Me High')
  48. Midnight Blue (from 'Take Me High')
  49. Game, The (from 'Take Me High')
  50. Brumburger Duet (from 'Take Me High') - Debbie Watling
  51. Take Me High (from 'Take Me High')
  52. Anti-Brotherhood Of Man, The (from 'Take Me High')
  53. Winning (from 'Take Me High')
  54. Young Ones, The (film version) (bonus track)
  55. Lessons In Love (edited film version) (bonus track)
  56. Bachelor Boy (film version) (bonus track)
  57. Summer Holiday (end title film version) (bonus track)


Utgitt 2003 Format CD
Sjanger Pop Antall spor 108
Artist Cliff Richard Label EMI Records
Bestillingsnummer 7243 8527902