Awake, Sweet Love (CD)


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  1. Author of light, revive my dying spright (4vv)
  2. Fantasie, P1
  3. A Fancy, P73
  4. Come tread the paths
  5. Since first I saw your face
  6. Frog Galliard, P23
  7. The most sacred Queene Elizabeth her Galliard, P41a
  8. Eliza is the fayrest quene
  9. Eyes, look no more
  10. Thou pretty bird
  11. Oft have I sigh'd for him that heares me not
  12. Pavan
  13. In terror trapp'd
  14. Prelude, P102
  15. I die whenas I do not see
  16. Can she excuse my wrongs with vertues cloake
  17. Now, O now I needs must part
  18. Awake sweet loue thou art returnd
  19. Flow my teares fall from your springs
  20. Sorrow sorrow stay, lend true repentant teares
  21. Say loue if euer thou didst finde
  22. Tell me true Loue
  23. Goe nightly, cares the enemy to rest