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Berg: Lulu (CD)

Alban Berg

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Disk 1
  1. Roll up, roll up for the menagerie
  2. Am I trespassing?
  3. Gnadige Frau... Frau Medizinalrat...
  4. You are far too slow to capture me
  5. What's Happening?
  6. Open the Door!
  7. Just wait, he'll jump right up...
  8. Can't you help him recover his senses?
  9. You make me jealous, you lucky bastard!
  10. Please help me do this up
  11. Eva! - What is it?
  12. Eva! - What is it?
  13. He's not quite what I imagined him to be
  14. If you and I married
  15. So? - Your marriage has made you at least a million marks...
  16. Don't talk so loud
  17. Transformation
  18. I've never in my life known an audience so excited
  19. More for me, please
  20. That girl and her lovers
  21. I met her first at Dr Schon's
  22. She's had a sort of fainting fit
  23. What's wrong with her?
  24. How dare you attempt to ruin my well-laid plans?
  25. Take this pen and paper
  26. 10
  27. 13
  28. 16
  29. 17
Disk 2
  1. Delighted that you will be there this evening
  2. Why not stay here?
  3. Thank the Lord, that at last we're...
  4. You know it's she he really wanted to marry
  5. I hope you locked the windows
  6. The matinee will be lit by ultra-violet light
  7. Is he ill?
  8. His father!
  9. And where did he go?
  10. Kneel down, murderous bitch!
  11. You can't deliver me up for trial!
  12. We're like the players waiting for a bandleader
  13. This way is shorter
  14. Beneath this dress I feel your form in harmony
Disk 3
  1. Gentlemen and Ladies!
  2. Get to the point and say how much you want from me
  3. Of the countless nubile, fun-loving lasses
  4. The magistrate will reward anyone who finds the murderess
  5. It's good! It's looking good!
  6. May I intrude?
  7. Message for the Bank Director
  8. I need some money, in ready cash
  9. You could at least treat me with respect!
  10. Martha!
  11. I have lost all my money
  12. What the Hell Is This?
  13. The rain's beating a tattoo
  14. If this is not the ideal moment
  15. Come along in, my love! Come!
  16. Doctor Alwa's gone off to sleep
  17. Who Is That?
  18. These are the last few moments
Utgitt 2006 Format CD
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 3
Artist Alan Oke, Alban Berg, Anna Burford, Claire Mitcher, English National Opera Orchestra, Graeme Danby, Gwynne Howell, Jane Powell, John Graham-Hall, Lisa Saffer, Moira Harris, Paul Daniel, Robert Hayward, Robert Poulton, Roger Begley, Susan Parry, Toby Stafford-Allen Label Chandos
Bestillingsnummer CHAN3130(3)