Biber: Mystery Sonatas (2CD)

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Von Biber

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After the success of the Red, Yellow, Blue and Pink collections (a total of fifty-six reissues), which brought the pearls from the Baroque catalogues of the house labels back into the spotlight, here are fourteen new titles offering a chance to rediscover more Baroque treasures and rarities. Like the last series, this fifth instalment also opens up to the Classical (Mozart) or Renaissance (Dufay) repertories – recordings that are an integral part of Alpha’s identity and history. Fourteen reissues performed by the finest musicians in the field; most of these recordings received one or more awards on their first release. The discs come with proper booklets, including notes in three languages (French, English, German). Photographers from many different backgrounds illustrate the covers of the series with their works: this time the main theme is the colour white.
Disk 1
  1. I. Praeludium
  2. II. Aria Allegro - Variation - Adagio Finale
  3. I. Sonata
  4. II. Presto
  5. III. Allemande
  6. IV. Presto
  7. I. Sonata
  8. II. Courante - Double
  9. III. Adagio
  10. Sonata No. 4, 'La Présentation Au Temple'
  11. I. Praeludium - Presto
  12. II. Allemande
  13. III. Gigue
  14. IV. Sarabande - Double
  15. Sonata No. 6, 'Le Jardin Des Oliviers'
  16. I. Allemande - Variation
  17. II. Sarabande - Variation
  18. I. Adagio
  19. II. Presto - Adagio
  20. III. Gigue - Double Presto - Double 2
Disk 2
  1. I. Sonata
  2. II. Courante - Double
  3. III. Finale
  4. I. Praeludium
  5. II. Aria Variation
  6. III. Adagio
  7. I. Sonata
  8. II. Surrexit Christus Hodie
  9. III. Adagio
  10. I. Intrada - Aria Tubicinum
  11. II. Allemande
  12. III. Courante
  13. I. Sonata
  14. II. Gavotte
  15. III. Gigue
  16. IV. Sarabande
  17. I. Prélude - Grave - Adagio
  18. II. Aria - Aria - Gigue
  19. I. Sonata
  20. II. Aria - Canzone
  21. III. Sarabande
  22. Passacaille
Utgitt 2019 Format 2CD
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 2
Artist Ensemble La Tempesta, Heinrich Ignaz Franz Von Biber, Patrick Bismuth Bestillingsnummer ALPHA491