Boughton-The Immortal Hour (CD)

Roderick Kennedy

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  1. Introduction
  2. ACT 1 - By dim moon-glimmering coasts and sad sea wastes
  3. Though you have travelled from one darkness of another
  4. Ye know not who I am
  5. I have come hither, led by dreams and visions
  6. Hail, Son of Shadow!
  7. I am old; more old more ancient
  8. Brother and kin to all the twilit gods
  9. Laugh not, ye outcasts of the invisible world
  10. Fair is the moonlight
  11. Hail, daughter of kings, and star among dreams
  12. Have you forgot the delicate smiling land
  13. I have forgotten all
  14. A king of men has wooed the Immortal Hour
  15. Led here by dreams
  16. I will go back to the Country of the Young
  17. Sir, I am glad
  18. I have come to this lone wood
  19. Look, O king!
  20. There is no backwrad way for such as I
  21. I have heard you calling, Dalua, Dalua!
  22. I've seen that man before who came tonight
  23. Yes, woman, yes, I know
  24. But sometimes...sometimes...Tell me: have you heard
  25. Good folk, I gave you greeting
  26. Good sir, you are most welcome
  27. At last I know why dreams have led me hither
  28. And your name, fair lord?
  29. Truly, I now know full well
  30. I, too, am lifted with the breath
  31. Who laughed?
  32. Dear Lord, sit here
  33. How beautiful they are (Unseen Voices)
  34. ACT 2 - By the Voice in the corries
  35. The The Bells of Youth are ringing
  36. But this was in the old, old far-off days
  37. Hail, Eochaidh, High King of Eire, hail!
  38. Green fire of Joy, green fire of Life
  39. Etain, speak, my Queen
  40. No, no, my Queen
  41. I, too, have heard strange, delicate music
  42. The Queen!
  43. Hail, Eochaidh, King of Eire!
  44. I am the king's first son
  45. Dagda, Lord of Thunder and Silence
  46. Fair lord, my thanks I give
  47. Have not great poets sung
  48. In the days of the Great Fires
  49. Hear us, Oengus, beautiful, terrible, Sun-Lord!
  50. But now, fair lord, tell me the boon you crave
  51. I have seen all things pass and all things go
  52. This nameless lord
  53. How beautiful they are (The Faery Song)
  54. I have heard...I have dreamed that song
  55. I am a song in the Land of the Young
  56. I am a small leaf in a great wood
  57. O do not leave me, Star of my Desire!
  58. Hasten, lost love, found love!
  59. In the Land of Youth there are pleasant places
  60. They play with lances


Utgitt 1998 Format CD
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 2
Antall spor 60 Artist Alan G. Melville, Anne Dawson, David Wilson-Johnson, English Chamber Orchestra, Geoffrey Mitchell Choir, Maldwyn Davies, Martin Compton, Patricia Taylor, Roderick Kennedy, Roger Bryson, Rutland Boughton, Tony Faulkner, Valery Hill
Label Hyperion Leverandør Naxos Norway AS
Bestillingsnummer CDD22040