Britten: Les Illuminations; Nocturne; Serenade (CD)

Richard Pasco

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  1. Prologue
  2. Pastoral: The day's grown old (wds C Cotton)
  3. Nocturne: The splendour falls on castle walls (wds A Tennyson)
  4. Elegy: O Rose, thou art sick (wds W Blake)
  5. Dirge: This ae nighte (wds 15th cent anon)
  6. Hymn: Queen and huntress (wds B Jonson)
  7. Sonnet: O soft embalmer of the still night (wds J Keats)
  8. Epilogue
  9. On a poet's lips I slept (wds. P B Shelley)
  10. Below the thunders of the upper deep (wds. A Tennyson)
  11. Encinctured with a twive of leaves (wds S Taylor Coleridge)
  12. Midnight's bell goes ting (wds. T Middleton)
  13. When that night on my bed I lay (wds W Wordsworth)
  14. She sleeps on soft, last breaths (wds W Owen)
  15. WHat is more gentle than a wind in summer? (wds. J Keats)
  16. When most I wink, then do mine eyes best see (wds Shakespeare)
  17. Fanfare
  18. Villes
  19. Phrase
  20. Antique
  21. Royauté
  22. Marine
  23. Interlude
  24. Being beauteous
  25. Parade
  26. Départ
  27. Phrase
  28. Aube
  29. À une raison