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The Best (Version A) - Limited Edition (Import) (2CD + Blu-ray)


Slippes 25/06
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NB: Blu-Ray Region A (North America, South America and South East Asia)

Contains 23 songs in total, including "Dynamite" and "Film out," a song made in a collaboration with back number. This edition includes six music videos. Also includes MV making-of collection ("Chi, Ase, Namida" to "Film out") as well as unreleased scenes, which were not included in their singles. Cover artworks corresponding to all the editions are different from each other.

* The jacket design is different for each title.
* The contents of the CD will be the same for each form.
* The contents of the Blu-ray and DVD that come with the first limited editions A and B will be the same.

Utgitt 2021 Format 2CD + Blu-ray
Sjanger K-Pop Antall disker 3
Artist BTS Bestillingsnummer UNIJ3142651.2
Serie K-Pop & J-Pop
  1. Film out
  2. DNA -Japanese ver-
  3. Best Of Me -Japanese ver-
  4. Lights
  5. 血、汗、涙 -Japanese ver-
  6. FAKE LOVE -Japanese ver-
  7. Black Swan -Japanese ver-
  8. Airplane pt2 -Japanese ver-
  9. Go Go -Japanese ver-
  10. IDOL -Japanese ver-
  11. Dionysus -Japanese ver-
  12. MIC Drop -Japanese ver-
  13. [Bonus Track] Dynamite
  14. Boy With Luv -Japanese ver-
  15. Stay Gold
  16. Let Go
  17. Spring Day -Japanese ver-
  18. ON -Japanese ver-
  19. Don't Leave Me
  20. Not Today -Japanese ver-
  21. Make It Right -Japanese ver-
  22. Your eyes tell
  23. Crystal Snow
  24. [Blu-ray/MUSIC VIDEO] Film out Music Video
  25. [Blu-ray/MUSIC VIDEO] Film out Music VideoStay Gold Music Video
  26. [Blu-ray/MUSIC VIDEO] Film out Music VideoLights Music Video
  27. [Blu-ray/MUSIC VIDEO] Film out Music VideoAirplane pt2 -Japanese ver- Music Video
  28. [Blu-ray/MUSIC VIDEO] Film out Music VideoMIC Drop -Japanese ver- Music Video
  29. [Blu-ray/MUSIC VIDEO] Film out Music Video血、汗、涙 -Japanese ver- Music Video
  30. [Blu-ray/MAKING] Making of Jacket Photos
  31. [Blu-ray/MAKING] Film out Making of Music Video
  32. [Blu-ray/MAKING] Stay Gold Making of Music Video [Additional Edition]
  33. [Blu-ray/MAKING] Lights Making of Music Video [Additional Edition]
  34. [Blu-ray/MAKING] Airplane pt2 -Japanese ver- Making of Music Video [Additional Edition]
  35. [Blu-ray/MAKING] MIC Drop -Japanese ver- Making of Music Video [Additional Edition]
  36. [Blu-ray/MAKING] 血、汗、涙 -Japanese ver- Making of Music Video [Additional Edition]