Burgon: Choral Works (CD)

Wells Cathedral Choir

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  1. At the round earth's imagined corners
  2. 1. The Assumption
  3. Short Mass
  4. Of flowers and emeralds sheen
  5. Magnificat
  6. Nunc dimittis
  7. 1. As the angels stood (A & C Needham)
  8. 2. Apple Blossom (L MacNeice)
  9. 2. Corpus Christi Carol
  10. The Song of the creatures
  11. Death be not proud
  12. Come let us pity not the dead
  13. Te Deum
  14. Nunc dimittis
  15. Each Sin Brings
  16. We Have to Go Away
  17. If We Catch the Next Train
  18. You Gave Your Word of Honor
  19. Sweet Jesus What a Mess
  20. I'm Ready, I Have Money
  21. How Much Money
  22. Butcher, Why Didn't You Kill Me?
  23. Protect Me from Him
  24. In a Pretty New Dress
  25. It's a Sound Idea
  26. I'll Tell Stable
  27. A Carriage. You Hear It?
  28. Pretend You're Him
  29. You're Tired of the Dancing
  30. The Drum
  31. Tygers of Wrath
  32. The Fury of the Aerial Bombardment
  33. The Park
  34. Sonnet LXIV
  35. On His Seventy-Fifth Birthday
  36. Grief
  37. Remorse for Any Death
  38. Losses
  39. Then