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Carnival (SACD-Hybrid)

Karen Gomyo

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For her debut album, Karen Gomyo has joined forces with guitarist Ismo Eskelinen in a programme offering fireworks as well as graceful tenderness. A violin virtuoso as well as an expert guitar player, Niccolo Paganini wrote a number of works for the two instruments together. He thus forms a natural point of departure as Gomyo and Eskelinen embark on a journey some hundred years backwards in history, and offer works by three other famous Italian violinist-composers. Neither the violin sonatas by Vivaldi and Locatelli nor Corelli’s celebrated ‘La Follia’ were written specifically with the guitar in mind. They are instead provided with so-called basso continuo accompaniments, to be performed on various chord-playing instruments, such as the harpsichord or the organ. Larger continuo ensembles might also include a lute or a guitar, and it is to this tradition that Ismo Eskelinen harks back as he performs his own realizations of these accompaniments. With one exception, the works by Paganini are on the other hand intended for the combination of violin and guitar – or, in the case of the Grand Sonata, ‘per chitarra e violino’. The centrepiece of the disc is formed by the famous 24th Caprice, provided by the composer with a guitar accompaniment and renamed Variazioni di bravura. Another favourite closes the disc, as Karen Gomyo and Ismo Eskelinen perform their version for violin and guitar of Il carnevale di Venezia, Paganini’s take on a Neapolitan folk song.
  1. I. Preludio a Capriccio
  2. II. Allegro
  3. III. Adagio
  4. IV. Giga. Allegro
  5. I. Adagio
  6. II. Allegro
  7. III. Andante
  8. IV. Allegro
  9. I. Introduzione. Larghetto
  10. II. Allegro Maestoso. Tempo Di Marcia - Maggiore
  11. III. Rondoncino. Allegro - Trio - Minore
  12. I. Minuetto. Adagio
  13. II. Polonese. Quasi Allegro
  14. Variazioni Di Bravura On 'Caprice No. 24'
  15. La Follia. Adagio
  16. Variation 1
  17. Variation 2. Allegro
  18. Variation 6
  19. Variation 8. Adagio
  20. Variation 9. Vivace
  21. Variation 10. Allegro
  22. Variation 11. Andante
  23. Variation 12. Allegro
  24. Variation 13
  25. Variation 14. Adagio
  26. Variation 15
  27. Variation 16. Allegro
  28. Variation 17
  29. Variation 18
  30. Variation 19
  31. Variation 20
  32. Variation 21
  33. Variation 22
  34. I. Romance. Amorosamente. Piu Tosto Largo
  35. II. Andantino Variato. Scherzando - Variations 1-6
  36. Il Carnevale Di Venezia, Op. 10, MS59
Utgitt 2019 Format SACD-Hybrid
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 1
Artist Ismo Eskelinen, Karen Gomyo Bestillingsnummer BIS1998

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