Champion Records - The Singles Collection (3CD)

Diverse Artister

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Disk 1
  1. She Can Rock-Little Ike
  2. Am I Losing You-Little Ike
  3. I´m Just What You´re Looking For-Christine Kittrell
  4. I Thank Him-Christine Kittrell
  5. Somebody Somewhere-Gene Allison
  6. You´re My Baby-Gene Allison
  7. Somebody Somewhere-Larry Birdsong
  8. You´re My Baby-Larry Birdsong
  9. Best Of Lucky Baby-Earl Gaines
  10. Sittin´ Here Drinkin´-Earl Gaines
  11. Pipedreams-Jimmy Beck Orchestra [Instrumental]
  12. Blue Night-Jimmy Beck Orchestra [Instrumental]
  13. Real Good Man-Murfreesboro
  14. Oh My Love-Murfreesboro
  15. Three Times Seven-Larry Birdsong
  16. I Understand-Gene Allison
  17. Oo Wee Honey-Larry Birdsong
  18. Let´s Try It Again-Larry Birdsong
  19. Now Do You Hear-Earl Gaines
  20. Three Times Seven-Earl Gaines
Disk 2
  1. Let´s Rock And Roll-Little Shy Guy & The Hot Rods
  2. My Little Baby-Little Shy Guy & The Hot Rods
  3. et Your Will Be Done-The Fairfield Four
  4. Lord You Know-The Fairfield Four
  5. Moon Flight-Johnny Bridgeforth [Instrumental]
  6. Instrumental-Johnny Bridgeforth [Blue Organ]
  7. Six Days A Week-The Kinglets
  8. You Gotta Go-The Kinglets
  9. No Fool No More-Charles Walker & The Daffodils
  10. Slave To Love-Charles Walker & The Daffodils
  11. Crawdad Hole-Chuck Harrod & The Anteaters
  12. They Wanna Fight-Chuck Harrod & The Anteaters
  13. Kiss Away-The Clips
  14. Let Me Get Close To You Baby-The Clips
  15. Fiesta-Jimmy Beck Orchestra [Instrumental]
  16. Nightmare-Jimmy Beck Orchestra [Instrumental]
  17. You Gonna Be Sorry-Gene Allison
  18. Now That We´re Together-Gene Allison
  19. Do You Love Me-Larry Birdsong
  20. Every Night In The Week-Larry Birdsong
Disk 3
  1. Bring My Cadillac Back-Baker Knight
  2. I Cried-Baker Knoght
  3. Halelujah-Don Q. With Clenest Gant
  4. Jump Jump Hi Ho-Don Q. With Clenest Gant
  5. Hold Back My Tears-Earl Gaines
  6. Love You Love You Love You-Earl Gaines
  7. If Things Don´t Change-Gene Allison
  8. Young And Fancy Free-Larry Birdsong
  9. Love Me A Long Long Time-The Daddy Dean Orchestra
  10. The Road-The Daddy Dean Orchestra
  11. Rent´s Too High-Cliff Butler
  12. Fool-Cliff Butler
  13. Goofin´ Off-Joyce Paul
  14. Tell Me The Truth-Joyce Paul
  15. Who Spins The Wheel-Sandra Meade
  16. Fever-Sandra Meade
  17. Since You Left Me Behind-Larry Birdsong
  18. Live The Life I Sing About-Larry Birdsong
  19. I Can´t Stand To Se You Go-Don Q. With Clenest Gant
  20. Love Me Always-Don Q. With Clenest Gant


Utgitt 2011 Format 3CD
Sjanger Pop Antall disker 1
Antall spor 60 Artist Diverse Artister
Label Blue Label/SPV Leverandør Border Music Norway AS
Bestillingsnummer SPV309192