Complete Anthology (4CD)

The Mamas & The Papas

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Disk 1
  1. Monday Monday (Single Version)
  2. Straight Shooter
  3. Got A Feelin'
  4. I Call Your Name
  5. Do You Wanna Dance
  6. Go Where You Wanna Go
  7. California Dreamin' (Single Version)
  8. Spanish Harlem
  9. Somebody Groovy
  10. Hey Girl
  11. You Baby
  12. In Crowd
  13. No Salt On Her Tail
  14. Trip Stumble & Fall
  15. Dancing Bear
  16. Words of Love (Single Version - stereo)
  17. My Heart Stood Still
  18. Dancing In The Street
  19. I Saw Her Again (stereo)
  20. Strange Young Girls
  21. I Can't Wait
  22. Even If I Could
  23. That Kind Of Girl
  24. Once Was A Time I Thought (edit)
  25. Glad To Be Unhappy (Single Version)
  26. Creeque Alley (Single Version - stereo)
  27. Words of Love (mono)
Disk 2
  1. Dedicated To The One I Love (Single Version)
  2. My Girl
  3. Creeque Alley (Single Version)
  4. Sing For Your Supper
  5. Twist And Shout
  6. Free Advice
  7. Look Through My Window (Single Version)
  8. Boys And Girls Together
  9. String Man
  10. Frustration
  11. Did You Ever Want To Cry
  12. John´s Music Box
  13. Right Somebody To Love
  14. Safe In My Garden
  15. Meditation Mama (Transcendental Woman Travels)
  16. For The Love Of Ivy
  17. Dream A Little Dream Of Me (with introduction)
  18. Mansions
  19. Gemini Childe
  20. Nothing´s Too Good For My Little Girl
  21. Too Late
  22. Twelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming To The Canyon (Single Version)
  23. Rooms
  24. Midnight Voyage
  25. Once Was A Time I Thought (with false start and studio chatter)
  26. Studio Chatter (Do You Wanna Dance/Did You Ever Want To Cry)
  27. I Can´t Wait (studio chatter & rehearsal)
Disk 3
  1. People Like Us
  2. Pacific Coast Highway
  3. Snowqueen Of Texas
  4. Shooting Star
  5. Step Out
  6. Lady Genevieve
  7. No Dough
  8. European Blueboy
  9. Pearl
  10. I Wanna Be A Star
  11. Grasshopper
  12. Blueberries For Breakfast
  13. Straight Shooter (Live at Monterey)
  14. Got A Feelin´ (Live at Monterey)
  15. California Dreamin´ (Live at Monterey)
  16. Spanish Harlem (Live at Monterey)
  17. Somebody Groovy (Live at Monterey)
  18. I Call Your Name (Live at Monterey)
  19. Monday Monday (Live at Monterey)
  20. Dancing In The Street (Live at Monterey)
  21. John Phillips Dialogue
  22. Introduction/Cass Dialogue
Disk 4
  1. Nowhere Man [From Hullabaloo]
  2. Here In My Arms (from the TV Show Hullabaloo)
  3. It´s Getting Better (Single Version)
  4. Make Your Own Kind Of Music (Single Version)
  5. New World Coming (1969 Version)
  6. Costume Ball (from the film The Doctor´s Wives)
  7. Something To Make You Happy
  8. Mississippi
  9. Revolution On Vacation
  10. Cup Of Tea
  11. Gathering The Words
  12. To Claudia On Thursday
  13. Indian Girl
  14. Baby Catch The Moon
  15. Aloha Louie (Single Version)
  16. There She Goes (Single Version)
  17. No Love Today (Single Version)
  18. Aching Kind
  19. This Precious Time (Single Version)
  20. Do You Believe In Magic
  21. Yesterday
  22. Hide Your Love Away
  23. Let Me Be
  24. Hang On Sloopy
  25. California Dreamin´


Utgitt 2004 Format 4CD
Sjanger Rock Antall disker 1
Antall spor 101 Artist The Mamas & The Papas
Label MCA Leverandør Universal Music
Bestillingsnummer 9821680