Cutting Our Teeth (2CD)

We Are The Ocean

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Disk 1
  1. Look Alive
  2. Our Days Are Numbered
  3. All Of This Has To End
  4. Confessions
  5. These Days I Have Nothing
  6. Don't Take Chances
  7. I'll Grab You By The Neck Of The Woods
  8. Are You Proud Of Me Now
  9. I Used To Be So Much More
  10. This Is Called My Home
Disk 2
  1. Get Out While You Can
  2. Lucky Ones
  3. Waiting
  4. Playing My Heart
  5. Cutting Our Teeth (b-side)
  6. Drag Me Down (b-side)
  7. Don’t Be Careless (self-titled ep)
  8. Nothing Good Has Happened Yet (self-titled ep)
  9. Welcome To My Broken Home (self-titled ep)
  10. Ready For The Fall (self-titled ep)
  11. (I’ve Never Felt This) God Damn Good (self-titled ep)
  12. Days (self-titled ep)
  13. Save Me! Said The Saviour (ep)


Utgitt 2008 Format 2CD
Sjanger Hardrock Antall disker 1
Antall spor 23 Artist We Are The Ocean
Label Hassle Leverandør Border Music Norway AS
Bestillingsnummer HOFF087CDC