Die Dreigroschenoper - Tolvskillingsoperaen (CD)

Lotte Lenya

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  1. Overture. You are about to hear an opera for beggars
  2. Act 1. The Ballad of Mack the Knife. First you will hear a penny-dreadful ballad about the bandit M
  3. Act 1. Mr. Peachum's Morning Hymn. Jonathan Jeremiah Peachum has opened a store
  4. Act 1. Instead-Of Song. Polly Peachum hasn't come home
  5. Act 1. Wedding Song For Poor People. Deep in the heart of Soho
  6. Act 1. Cannon Song. In reminiscence of the time they spent together in their youth
  7. Act 1. Love Song. Do you see the moon over Soho?
  8. Act 1. The Song of No and Yes (Barbara Song). By means of a little ditty
  9. Act 1. The Uncertainty of Human Conditions. Mr. and Mrs. Peachum advise their daughter
  10. Act 2. The Stable. Mackie has to flee
  11. Act 2. Polly's Farewell Song. He will never return
  12. Act 2. Intermezzo. All right, now, if you should see Mack the Knife
  13. Act 2. The Ballad of Sexual Dependency. There's a man who is a very Satan
  14. Act 2. Pirate-Jenny or Dreams of a Kitchen Maid. Song of a little barmaid
  15. Act 2. The Procurer's Ballad. Macheath and Jenny the whore
  16. Act 2. The Ballad of Pleasant Living. Gentlemen, you be the judges
  17. Act 2. The Jealousy Duet. The first clouds in the skies
  18. Act 2. Fight About the Property. Jealousy, rage, love and fear
  19. Act 2. Ballad About the Question "What Keeps a Man Alive?". You gentlemen, who teach us
  20. Act 3. The Song About Inadequacy. What on earth is that?
  21. Act 3. Song of Solomon. You saw sagacious Solomon
  22. Act 3. Call From the Grave. The whores have betrayed Macheath
  23. Act 3. Ballad in Which Macheath Asks Everyone for Forgiveness. Fellow citizens, herewith I take lea
  24. Act 3. The Riding Messenger. Esteemed public, we're at that point
  25. Act 3. Threepenny Finale. Do not prosecute too much transgression
  26. Act 3. The Final Verses of the Ballad. And now at this happy ending


Format CD Sjanger Pop, Klassisk
Antall disker 1 Antall spor 26
Artist Carl Schuricht, Eugenia Zareska, French National Orchestra, Gustav Mahler, Igor Markevitch, Lotte Lenya, Turin Radio Symphony Orchestra Label Columbia
Leverandør Sony Bestillingsnummer MK42637