Dowland: First Book of Songes (CD)

John Lanchbery

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  1. Vnquiet thoughts
  2. Who euer thinks or hopes of loue for loue
  3. My thoughts are wingd with hopes
  4. If my complaints could passions moue
  5. Can she excuse my wrongs with vertues cloake ( he Earl of
  6. Now, O now I needs must part ( he Frog Galliard)
  7. Deare if you change ile neuer chuse againe
  8. Burst forth my teares
  9. Go Cristall teares
  10. Thinkst thou then by thy fainting
  11. Come away, come sweet loue
  12. Rest awhile you cruell cares
  13. Sleepe wayward thoughts
  14. All ye whom loue or fortune hath betraide
  15. Wilt though vnkind thus reaue me me of my hart
  16. Would my conceit that first enforst my woe
  17. Come againe: sweet loue doth now enuite
  18. His goulden locks time hath to siluer turnd
  19. Awake sweet loue thou art returnd
  20. Come heauy sleepe
  21. Awaie with these selfe louing lads


Utgitt 2007 Format CD
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 1
Antall spor 21 Artist Christopher Hogwood, John Dowland, John Lanchbery
Label Decca Leverandør Universal Music
Bestillingsnummer 4759114