Dowland: Honey from the Hive (SACD)

John Dowland

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  1. Can she excuse my wrongs with vertues cloake
  2. I saw my Lady weepe
  3. Flow my teares fall from your springs
  4. Sorrow sorrow stay, lend true repentant teares
  5. Dye not before thy day
  6. Mourne, mourne, day is with darknesse fled
  7. O sweet woods, the delight of solitarienesse
  8. Fine knacks for Ladies, cheap, choise, braue and new
  9. Farewell too faire
  10. Time stands still
  11. Behold a wonder heere
  12. Daphne was not so chaste as she was changing
  13. Me me and none but me
  14. When Phoebus first did Daphne loue
  15. Say loue if euer thou didst finde
  16. It was a time when silly Bees could speake
  17. His goulden locks time hath to siluer turnd
  18. Tymes eldest sonne, old age the heire of ease (first part)
  19. Farre from triumphing court
Utgitt 2006 Format SACD
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 1
Antall spor 19 Artist Anthony Rooley, Emma Kirkby, John Dowland
Label BIS Bestillingsnummer BISSACD1475