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Mola Sylla from Dakar met Ernst Reijseger just after he played his first concerts in Amsterdam in the late 80 s. Since then Amsterdam has been Sylla s home base. Ten years after this first meeting Sylla asked Reijseger to perform concerts as a duo. This was the start of a strong musical partnership. In 2002, Reijseger recorded with the singer Mola Sylla the album »Janna«. Pianist Harmen Fraanje came later, the joint path started in 2007. In 2009 and 2010 Ernst Reijseger recorded among others with Mola Sylla and Harmen Fraanje film music for Werner Herzog. Ernst Reijseger, Harman Fraanje and Mola Sylla create a unique, personal and most original music. All three have written for »Down Deep« special compositions so that their individual vocabulary connects in a very natural way. After experiencing great concert performances music producer Stefan Winter asked Ernst Reijseger to record the new album »Down Deep« live-to-analog- two-track to capture the real moment of the music without any digital editing and without any digital manipulation. The music of Ernst Reijseger with Harmen Fraanje and Mola Sylla is a very emotional experience. »Down Deep« brings together musical elements and playing traditions of most divergent cultural horizons. Ernst Reijseger, Harmen Fraanje and Mola Sylla create a unique melange, which doesn't fit into any category
  1. Elena
  2. M'br
  3. Amerigo
  4. Shaped By the Tide
  5. Hemisacraal
  6. E Lucevan Le Stelle
  7. Ana
  8. Down Deep
  9. Her Eyes
Utgitt 2013 Format CD
Sjanger Jazz Antall disker 1
Antall spor 9 Artist Ernst Reijseger, Ernst Reijseger/Harmen Fraanje/Mola Sylla
Label Winter & Winter Bestillingsnummer 9101972