Dvorák: Rusalka (CD)

Antonín Dvorák

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  1. Overture
  2. ACT 1 - Ho, ho, ho!
  3. Watersprite, my father dear
  4. He comes here frequently
  5. O, moon high up in the deep, deep sky (O silver moon)
  6. Your ancient wisdom knows everything
  7. Abracadabra
  8. Here she appeared
  9. The hunt is over, return home at once
  10. I know you're but magic that will pass
  11. ACT 2 - Well them, well then
  12. A week now do you dwell with me
  13. Festival music: Ballet (Polonaise)
  14. No one this world can give
  15. White blossom all along the road
  16. Rusalka, daughter, I am here
  17. O, useless it is
  18. Strange fire in your eyes is burning
  19. ACT 3 - Insensible water power (God of the lake)
  20. Ah, ah! Already you have come back?
  21. Only human blood can cleanse you
  22. I'll rather suffer
  23. Uprooted and banished
  24. That you're afraid? Don't be silly
  25. Who is noisy?
  26. Hair, golden hair have I
  27. Where are you, my white doe?
  28. Do you still know me, lover?
  29. Do you still know me, lover?
  30. Give me peace, kiss me