Dylan Thomas: Under Milk Wood - A Play For Voices (2CD)

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Disk 1
  1. Main Theme (Under Milk Wood)
  2. To Begin At The Beginning
  3. Never Such Seas
  4. I Am A Draper Mad With Love
  5. Now In Her Iceberg-WhiteNightgown
  6. In Butcher Beynon's
  7. Titbits And Topsyturvies
  8. And The Dawn Inches Up
  9. Morning Prayer
  10. Guide Book
  11. Oh There's A Face
  12. Here's Your Arsenic Dear
  13. Mr And Mrs Cherry Owen
  14. From Beynon Butcher's In Coronation Street
  15. AndCaptain Cat Hears All The Morning Of The Town
  16. All The Women Are Out This Morning
  17. Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard, La-Di-Da
  18. Mrs Willy Nilly Steams Open Mr Mog Edwards's Letter
  19. Johnnie Crack And Flossie Snail
Disk 2
  1. The Music Of The Spheres
  2. I Loved A Man
  3. And Gossamer Beynon, Schoolteacher, Spoon-Stirred and Quivering
  4. Gwennie Call The Boys
  5. Gossamer Beynon High-Heels Out Of School
  6. Persons With Manners Do Not Read At The Table
  7. Lord Cut-Glass In His Kitchen Full Of Time
  8. The Sunny Slow Lulling Afternoon
  9. Love Duet - Mary Hopkin
  10. The Revd Eli Jenkins Inky In His Cool Front Parlour
  11. Now The Town Is Dusk
  12. Eli Jenkin's Prayer
  13. And Lily Smalls Is Up to Nogood Boyo
  14. Come And Sweep My Chimbley
  15. Dancing Williams?
  16. Main Theme (Under Milk Wood) (Reprise)


Utgitt 2016 Format 2CD
Sjanger Pop, Klassisk Antall disker 1
Artist Diverse Artister, Diverse Klassisk Label Parlophone Classics
Bestillingsnummer 0825646486557