Erdmann, Hindemith, Jarnach & Schulhoff: Violin Unlimited (CD)

Baiba Skride

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On her first album for solo violin, internationally acclaimed and renowned Latvian violinist Baiba Skride interprets selected sonatas by Erwin Schulhoff, Paul Hindemith, Philipp Jarnach and Eduard Erdmann. Although Johann Sebastian Bach’s sonatas and partitas for violin solo are regarded as the measure of every violinist’s technical skill and maturity, compositions for unaccompanied violin became increasingly rare in subsequent epochs (the classical and the romantic era). It wasn’t until the turn of the 20th century that Max Reger made a conspicuous contribution in this field with altogether eleven sonatas. His example was an impetus that very plausibly inspired his contemporaries and successors to come up with the four contributions to this genre from the 1920s on this album.
  1. I. Allegro Con Fuoco
  2. II. Andante Cantabile
  3. III. Allegretto Grazioso
  4. IV. Allegro Risoluto
  5. I. Leicht Bewegte Viertel
  6. II. Ruhig Bewegte Achtel
  7. III. Gemächliche Viertel
  8. IV. Fünf Variationen Über Das Lied 'Komm, Lieber Mai', V. Mozart
  9. I. Andante Sostenuto
  10. II. Prestissimo
  11. III. Allegro Deciso
  12. I. Ruhig
  13. II. Allegretto Scherzando - Trio. Einfach, Wie Eine Volksweise
  14. III. Langsam
  15. IV. Lebendig
Utgitt 2022 Format CD
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 1
Artist Baiba Skride, Eduard Erdmann, Erwin Schulhoff, Paul Hindemith, Philipp Jarnach Bestillingsnummer C210051