Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD)

James Newton Howard

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  1. Main Titles - Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
  2. There Are Witches Among Us / The Bank / The Niffler
  3. Tina Takes Newt In / Macusa Headquarters
  4. Pie or Strudel / Escaping Queenie and Tina's Place
  5. Credence Hands Out Leaflets
  6. Inside The Case
  7. The Erumpent
  8. In The Cells
  9. Tina and Newt Trial / Let's Get The Good Stuff Out / You're One of Us Now / Swooping Evil
  10. Gnarlak Negotiations
  11. The Demiguise and The Occamy
  12. A Close Friend
  13. The Obscurus / Rooftop Chase
  14. He's Listening To You Tina
  15. Relieve Him of His Wand / Newt Releases The Thunderbird / Jacob's Farewell
  16. Newt Says Goodbye to Tina / Jacob's Bakery
  17. End Titles - Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
Utgitt 2016 Format CD
Sjanger Filmmusikk Antall disker 1
Antall spor 17 Artist Filmmusikk, James Newton Howard
Label Sony Classical Bestillingsnummer 0889853852628