Fire In My Bones - Raw + Rare + Other Wordly African-American Gospel 1944-2007 (3CD)

Diverse Gospel

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Disk 1
  1. Peace In The Valley
  2. Rock And Roll Sermon
  3. If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again
  4. I'm A Soldier
  5. How Long
  6. Better Get Ready
  7. So Glad
  8. Wasn't That A Mystery
  9. When The Saints Go Marching In
  10. Get Back Satan
  11. I Got A Telephone In My Bosom
  12. I Made A Vow To The Lord
  13. You've Got To Move (When The Lord Gets Ready)
  14. Down By The Riverside
  15. Stand By Me
  16. Wicked Shall Cease From Troubling
  17. That's Alright (Since My Soul Has Got A Seat Up In The Kingd
  18. Why Sorrow Done Passed Me Around
  19. Don't Let Him Ride
  20. He's Coming Back
  21. By His Word
  22. Where Could I Go
  23. Stand By Me
  24. I'll Never Turn Back
  25. You Without Sin Cast The First Stone
  26. Storm Thru Mississippi
  27. I"m Pressing On
Disk 2
  1. Jesus' Blood
  2. Glory Glory Hallelujah
  3. John Saw
  4. Since He Touched Me
  5. God's Mighty Hand
  6. What Can I Do Without The Lord
  7. Angels
  8. Truth In The Gospel
  9. Walk With Me
  10. Spirit Of The Lord
  11. I've Got Heaven On My Mind
  12. In God's House
  13. Does Jesus Care
  14. If I Could Not Say A Word
  15. Where The Sun Never Goes Down
  16. I Heard It Throught The True Vine
  17. Father I Stretch My Arm To Thee
  18. Nobody Knows
  19. How Much I Owe
  20. My Testimony
  21. Prayer [Excerpt]/I Love The Lord
  22. Same Man
  23. I Know I Got Religion
  24. He's My Rock My Sword My Shield
  25. Working On A Building
  26. Lord Hold My Hand
  27. Fire Shed In My Bones
Disk 3
  1. Power Is The Heart Of Man
  2. Don't Let The Devil Ride
  3. Holy Rock
  4. Pray On My Child
  5. Jesus Is Sweet To Me
  6. I Want To Live (So God Can Use Me)
  7. I'm Just A Voice
  8. "You Ought To Been There"
  9. You Better Get Ready
  10. Hel Me
  11. "So Soon"
  12. Introduction/Rock Daniels
  13. Very Last Mile
  14. What God Can Do
  15. Let The Redeemed Say So
  16. Sweet Home
  17. Little Old Fashioned
  18. How Long
  19. At A Time Like This (Pt 1)
  20. God Rode In The Windstorm
  21. Go Devil Go
  22. This Train
  23. Victory Shall Be Mine
  24. Lord Is My Shepherd
  25. Some Sweet Day
  26. Swing Low


Utgitt 2009 Format 3CD
Sjanger Soul, Pop Antall disker 1
Antall spor 80 Artist Diverse Artister, Diverse Gospel
Label Tompkins Square Leverandør Import
Bestillingsnummer TPKS2271.2