Flaming Pie (Remastered) - Super Deluxe Edition (USA-import) (5CD + 2DVD + Memorabilia)

Paul McCartney

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  • CD1: Remastered album
  • CD2: Demos and Home Recordings
  • CD3: In The Studio Bonus Tracks
  • CD4: Flaming Pies (B-Sides)
  • CD5: Flaming Pie At The Mill (spoken word)
  • DVD1: In The World Tonight (documentary)
  • DVD2: Music Videos + EPKs + Flaming Pie Album Artwork Meeting + TFI Friday Performances + David Frost interview
  • 32pg booklet, memorabilia, lyric sheets, letters, photos, John Hammel book, the Club Sandwich booklet and promotion newspaper

Flaming Pie is the 13th release in the Paul McCartney Archive Collection, personally supervised by McCartney and remastered at Abbey Road Studios. Originally released in 1997, it is the critically acclaimed & universally beloved tenth solo album from Paul.

Having been heavily involved in The Beatles’ Anthology project, Paul had time to reflect on the standards he and his bandmates had set during their career, and applied these to what would become his first album in four years. Made in a much more spontaneous style, with songs recorded here and there, mostly on holiday, it’s an album that luxuriates in its own sense of fun.

Featuring producers George Martin and Jeff Lynne, as well as musicians including Steve Miller, Ringo Starr and his own son, James McCartney, Flaming Pie would go on to become one of Paul’s most acclaimed albums.

Utgitt 1997 Reutgitt 2020
Format 5CD + 2DVD + Memorabilia Sjanger Rock
Antall disker 7 Antall spor 50
Artist Paul McCartney Bestillingsnummer CAP0861769.2
Disk 1
  1. The Song We Were Singing
  2. The World Tonight
  3. If You Wanna
  4. Somedays
  5. Young Boy
  6. Calico Skies
  7. Flaming Pie
  8. Heaven On A Sunday
  9. Used To Be Bad
  10. Souvenir
  11. Little Willow
  12. Really Love You
  13. Beautiful Night
  14. Great Day
Disk 2
  1. The Song We Were Singing [Home Recording]
  2. The World Tonight [Home Recording]
  3. If You Wanna [Home Recording]
  4. Somedays [Home Recording]
  5. Young Boy [Home Recording]
  6. Calico Skies [Home Recording]
  7. Flaming Pie [Home Recording]
  8. Souvenir [Home Recording]
  9. Little Willow [Home Recording]
  10. Beautiful Night [1995 Demo]
  11. Great Day [Home Recording]
Disk 3
  1. The Ballad Of The Skeletons
  2. Looking For You
  3. Broomstick
  4. Love Come Tumbling Down
  5. Same Love
  6. Oobu Joobu Part 1
  7. Oobu Joobu Part 2
  8. Oobu Joobu Part 3
  9. Oobu Joobu Part 4
  10. Oobu Joobu Part 5
  11. Oobu Joobu Part 6
Disk 4
  1. In The World Tonight (Documentary)
Disk 5
  1. Beautiful Night
  2. Making Of Beautiful Night
  3. Little Willow
  4. The World Tonight [Dir. Alistair Donald Version]
  5. The World Tonight [Dir. Geoff Wonfor Version]
  6. Young Boy [Dir. Alistair Donald Version]
  7. Young Boy [Dir. Geoff Wonfor Version]
  8. Flaming Pie EPK 1
  9. Flaming Pie EPK 2
  10. In The World Tonight EPK
  11. Flaming Pie Album Artwork Meeting
  12. TFI Friday Performances
  13. David Frost Interview

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