Grandi: Laetatus Sum - Vesper Psalms (CD)

Accademia D'Arcadia

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Alessandro Grandi - born in Venice in 1590 - was an extremely precocious talent. Appointed deputy of Monteverdi in 1627 in Saint Mark’s Basilica, he is regarded by scholars as “the greatest motet composer of his time”. After the highly praised Grandi’s motets album “Celesti fiori” (A464), Accademia d’Arcadia now presents Lætatus sum: a selection from the three extant Psalms collections. Grandi ventured in the field of Psalms with large-scale writing only at the end of his life, his collections of Psalms were undoubtedly intended for grand occasions: the relationship between soloists, tutti, and instruments is very modern, as successive portions of the text are set in sharply contrasting textures and styles. Recorded in the sumptuous Palladian church of San Francesco della Vigna in Venice, this recording features magnificent and compelling masterpieces by an author considered by his contemporaries as equal to Monteverdi in the field of sacred music.
  1. Magnificat a 10
  2. Confitebor
  3. Dixit Dominus
  4. Beatus Vir a Tre
  5. Dixit in Ritornello
  6. Laudate Pueri a Tre
  7. Laudate Dominum
  8. Confitebor a Tre
  9. Laetatus Sum
  10. Laudate Pueri IV Toni
  11. Lauda Jerusalem
Utgitt 2022 Format CD
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 1
Artist Accademia D'Arcadia, Alessandra Rossi Lurig, Alessandro Grandi, Utfasol Ensemble Bestillingsnummer A525