Great Days: The John Prine Anthology (2CD)

John Prine

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Disk 1
  1. Illegal Smile
  2. Spanish Pipedream
  3. Hello in There
  4. Sam Stone
  5. Paradise
  6. Donald and Lydia
  7. The Late John Garfield Blues
  8. Yes I Guess They Oughta Name a Drink After
  9. The Great Compromise
  10. Sweet Revenge
  11. Please Don´t Bury Me
  12. Christmas in Prison
  13. Dear Abby - (live)
  14. Blue Umbrella
  15. Common Sense
  16. Come Back to Us Barbara Lewis Hare Krishna
  17. Saddle in the Rain
  18. He Was in Heaven Before He Died
  19. Fish and Whistle
  20. That´s the Way That the World Goes ´Round
  21. Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow)
  22. Sabu Visits The Twin Cities Alone
  23. Automobile
  24. Killing The Blues
  25. Down By The Side Of The Road
  26. Living In The Future
  27. It's Happening To You
  28. Storm Windows
  29. One Red Rose
  30. Souvenirs
  31. Aimless Love
  32. Oldest Baby In The World
  33. People Putting People Down
  34. Unwed Fathers
  35. Angel From Montgomery
  36. Linda Goes To Mars
  37. Bad Boys
  38. Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness
  39. It's A Big Old Goofy World
  40. Sins Of Memphisto
  41. All The Best
Disk 2
  1. Sabu Visits the Twin Cities Alone
  2. Automobile
  3. Killing the Blues
  4. Down by the Side of the Road
  5. Living in the Future
  6. It´s Happening to You
  7. Storm Windows
  8. One Red Rose
  9. Souvenirs
  10. Aimless Love
  11. The Oldest Baby in the World
  12. People Puttin´ People Down
  13. Unwed Fathers
  14. Angel from Montgomery - (live)
  15. Linda Goes to Mars
  16. Bad Boy
  17. Speed of the Sound of Loneliness - (live)
  18. It´s a Big Old Goofy World - (live)
  19. The Sins of Memphisto
  20. All the Best


Utgitt 1993 Format 2CD
Sjanger Country Antall spor 61
Artist John Prine Label Import
Leverandør Import Bestillingsnummer ATL71400.2