Handel: Acis and Galatea, etc (CD)

Robert Tear

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  1. Sinfonia
  2. Oh, the pleasure of the plains!
  3. Ye verdant plains
  4. Hush, ye pretty warbling quire!
  5. Where shall I seek the charming fair?
  6. Stay, shepherd, stay!
  7. Shepherd, what art thou pursuing ?
  8. Lo! here my love!; Love in her eyes sits playing
  9. Oh! didst thou know; As when the dove
  10. Happy we! What joys I feel
  11. Wretched lovers!
  12. I rage, I melt, I burn!
  13. O ruddier than the cherry
  14. Whither, fairest; Cease to beauty to be suing
  15. Would you gain the tender creature
  16. His hideous love provokes my rage; Love sounds th'alarm
  17. Consider, fond shepherd
  18. Cease, oh cease, thou gentle youth; The flocks shall leave the mountain
  19. Help, Galatea! help
  20. Mourn, all ye muses!
  21. Must I my Acis still bemoan
  22. 'Tis done; Heart, the seat of soft delight
  23. Galatea, dry thy tears.
  24. Ballets:
  25. Look down, harmonious saint (The Praise of Harmony), HWV124
  26. Süsse Stille, sanfte Quelle
  27. Meine Seele hört im Sehen
  28. Bacchus and Ariadne
  29. Fair Caelia love pretended
  30. Song of Momus to Mars
  31. The Lass of Richmond Hill