Handel: Hercules (CD)

Sarah Walker

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  1. Overture
  2. Minuet
  3. ACT 1 - See with what grand dejection
  4. No longer, Fate, relentless frown
  5. O Hercules! why art thou absent?
  6. The world, when day's career is run
  7. Princess! be comforted
  8. I feel the god
  9. Then I am lost!
  10. There in myrtle shades reclined
  11. Despair not! but let rising hope suspend
  12. Where congealed the northern streams
  13. O filial piety!
  14. Banish your fears!
  15. Begone, my fears
  16. A train of captives, red with honest wounds
  17. March
  18. Thanks to the powers above
  19. My father! Ah! methinks I see
  20. Now farewell, arms!
  21. The god of battle quits the bloody field
  22. Crown with festal pomp the day
  23. ACT 2 - How blest the maid ordained to dwell
  24. It must be so!
  25. When beauty's sorrows livery wears
  26. Whence this unjust suspicion?
  27. Ah! think what ills the jealous prove
  28. It is too sure that Hercules is false
  29. Jealousy! Infernal pest
  30. She knows my passion
  31. From celestial seats descending
  32. Wanton god of amorous fires
  33. Yes, I congratulate your titles, swelled
  34. Alcides' name in latest story
  35. O glorious pattern of heroic deeds!
  36. Resign thy club and lion's spoils
  37. You are deceived!
  38. Cease, ruler of the day, to rise
  39. Some kinder power inspire me
  40. Joys of freedom, joys of power
  41. Father of Hercules, great Jove, O help
  42. Love and Hymen, hand in hand
  43. ACT 3 - Sinfonia
  44. Ye sons of Trachin
  45. O scene of unexampled woe
  46. Tyrants now no more shall dread
  47. O Jove! what land is this
  48. Great Jove! relieve his pains
  49. Let not thy fame the tidings spread
  50. Where shall I fly?
  51. Lo! the fair fatal cause of all this ruin!
  52. My breast with tender pity swells
  53. Princess, rejoice!
  54. Words are too faint
  55. Prince, whose virtue all admire
  56. Ye sons of freedom
  57. To him your grateful notes of priase belong


Utgitt 1995 Format CD
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 2
Antall spor 57 Artist Anthony Rolfe Johnson, Barbara Valentin, Catherine Denley, English Baroque Soloists Orchestra, Georg Friedrich Händel, Heinz Wildhagen, Jennifer Smith, John Tomlinson, Monteverdi Choir, Peter Savidge, Sarah Walker, Sir John Eliot Gardiner
Label Deutsche Grammophon Leverandør Universal Music
Bestillingsnummer 4476892