Handel: Israel in Egypt; Coronation Anthems (CD)

Sir John Eliot Gardiner

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  1. PART 1 - Lamentation of the Israelites - Overture
  2. The sons of Israel do mourn; How is the mighty fall'n!; He put on righteousness; When the ear heard Him
  3. How is the mighty fall'n!; He deliver'd the poor that cried; How is the mighty fall'n!
  4. Their bodies are buried in peace; The people will tell; They shall receive
  5. The merciful goodness of the Lord. PART 2 - Exodus:
  6. Now there arose a new king; And the children of Israel
  7. Then sent he Moses; They loathed to drink
  8. Their land brought forth frogs
  9. He spake the word
  10. He gave them hailstones
  11. He sent a thick darkness
  12. He smote all the first-born
  13. But as for His people
  14. Egypt was glad
  15. He rebuked the Red Sea; He led them through the deep; But the waters overwhelmed
  16. And Israel saw; And believed the Lord. PART 3 - Moses' Song:
  17. Moses and the children of Israel; I will sing unto the Lord
  18. The Lord is my strength
  19. He is my God; And I will exalt
  20. The Lord is a man of war
  21. The depths have covered them
  22. Thy right hand O Lord; And in the greatness; Thou sentest forth Thy wrath
  23. And with the blast
  24. The enemy said
  25. Thou didst blow
  26. Who is like unto Thee; The earth swallowed Them
  27. Thou in Thy mercy
  28. The people shall hear
  29. Thou shalt bring them in
  30. For the horse of Pharoah
  31. The Lord shall reign
  32. And Miriam the prophetess; Sing ye to the Lord
  33. Zadok the Priest, HWV258
  34. Let thy hand be strengthened, HWV259
  35. Let thy hand be strengthened; Let justice and judgement; Alleluja!
  36. The king shall rejoice, HWV260
  37. The king shall rejoice; Exceeding glad shall he be; Glory and worship hast thou laid; Alleluja!
  38. My heart is inditing, HWV261
  39. My heart is inditing; King's daughters; Upon thy right hand; Kings shall be thy nursing fathers


Utgitt 2003 Format CD
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 2
Antall spor 39 Artist English Chamber Orchestra, Georg Friedrich Händel, Sir John Eliot Gardiner
Label Decca Leverandør Universal Music
Bestillingsnummer 4733042