Handel: Masterworks (30CD)

Diverse Klassisk

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  1. Overture
  2. Bourrée
  3. La paix
  4. La Réjouissance
  5. Minuet I
  6. Minuet II
  7. Flute Suite in G:
  8. Trumpet Suite in D:
  9. Horn Suite in F:
  10. No. 1 in G, HWV319
  11. A tempo giusto; Allegro; Adagio; Allegro; Allegro
  12. No. 2 in F, HWV320
  13. Andante larghetto; Allegro; Largo; Allegro, ma non troppo
  14. No. 3 in E minor, HWV321
  15. Larghetto; Andante; Allegro; Polonaise: andante; Allegro, ma non troppo
  16. No. 4 in A minor, HWV322
  17. Larghetto affetuoso; Allegro; Largo, e piano; Allegro
  18. No. 5 in D, HWV323
  19. -; Allegro; Presto; Largo; Allegro; Menuet: un poco larghetto
  20. No. 6 in G minor, HWV324
  21. Larghetto e affetuoso; Allegro, ma non troppo; Musette: larghetto; Allegro; Allegro
  22. No. 7 in B flat, HWV325
  23. Largo; Allegro; Largo, e piano; Andante; Hornpipe
  24. No. 8 in C minor, HWV326
  25. Allemande: andante; Grave; Andante allegro; Adagio; Siciliana: andante; Allegro
  26. No. 9 in F, HWV327
  27. Largo; Allegro; Larghetto; Allegro; Menuet; Gigue
  28. No. 10 in D minor, HWV328
  29. Ouverture; Allegro; Air: lento; Allegro; Allegro; Allegro moderato
  30. No. 11 in A, HWV329
  31. Andante larghetto, e staccato; Allegro; Largo, e staccato; Andante; Allegro
  32. No. 12 in B minor, HWV330
  33. Largo; Allegro; Larghetto, e piano - variatio; Largo; Allegro
  34. B flat
  35. B flat
  36. Largo
  37. G
  38. F; F
  39. D minor
  40. Largo
  41. D major-minor; D (orig version); Allegro
  42. B flat, HWV306 (Op. 7/1)
  43. A, HWV307 (Op. 7/2)
  44. B flat, HWV308 (Op. 7/3)
  45. D minor, HWV309 (Op. 7/4)
  46. G minor, HWV310 (Op. 7/5)
  47. B flat, HWV311 (Op. 7/6)
  48. G, HWV289 (Op. 4/1)
  49. B flat, HWV290 (Op. 4/2)
  50. G minor, HWV291 (Op. 4/3)
  51. F, HWV292 (Op. 4/4)
  52. F, HWV293 (Op. 4/5)
  53. B flat, HWV294 (Op. 4/6)
  54. PART 1 - Sonata
  55. Fido specchio
  56. Fosco genio
  57. Se la Bellezza
  58. Una schiera di piaceri
  59. Urne voi
  60. Un pensiero nemico di pace
  61. Nasce l'uomo_L'uomo sempre
  62. Sonata_Taci; Un leggiardo giovinetto
  63. Venga il Tempo; Crede l'uom
  64. Folle
  65. Se non più ministro di pace
  66. PART 2 - Chiudi i vaghi rai
  67. Io sperai
  68. Tu giurasti di non lasciarmi
  69. Io vorrei due cori
  70. Più non cura
  71. È ben folle
  72. Voglio Tempo
  73. Lascia la spina
  74. Voglio cangiar desio
  75. Chi gia fù
  76. Ricco pino
  77. Il bel pianto
  78. Come nembo
  79. Tu del ciel ministro eletto
  80. F, 'Cuckoo and the Nightingale', HWV295 (1739)
  81. A, HWV296 (1739)
  82. D minor, HWV304
  83. F, HWV305a (c1746)
  84. B flat, HWV301 (1706-10)
  85. B flat, HWV302a (c1718)
  86. G minor, HWV287 (1703-5)
  87. Sinfonia (Arrival of Queen of Sheba)
  88. Concerto grosso, 'Alexander's Feast' in C, HWV318
  89. B flat
  90. F
  91. F
  92. No. 1a in C minor, HWV386; No. 1b in B minor, BWV386
  93. No. 2 in G minor, HWV387
  94. No. 3 in B flat, HWV388
  95. No. 4 in F, HWV389
  96. No. 5 in G minor, HWV390
  97. No. 6 in G minor, HWV391
  98. No. 7 in G minor, HWV392
  99. Trio Sonata in F
  100. Andante
  101. Allegro
  102. Largo
  103. Allegro
  104. A minor, HWV374 (Halle)
  105. E minor, HWV375 (Halle)
  106. B minor, HWV376 (Halle)
  107. D, HWV378
  108. E minor, HWV379 (Op.1:1a)
  109. Overture
  110. PART 1 - Comfort ye my people
  111. Every valley shall be exalted
  112. And the glory of the Lord
  113. Thus saith the Lord
  114. But who may abide?
  115. And he shall purify
  116. Behold, a virgin shall conceive
  117. O thou that tellest
  118. For behold, darkness shall cover the earth
  119. The people that walked in darkness
  120. For unto us a child is born
  121. Pastoral Symphony
  122. There were shepherds abiding in the field; And lo, the angel of the Lord
  123. And the angel said unto them
  124. And suddenly there was with the angel
  125. Glory to God
  126. Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion
  127. Then shall the eyes of the blind
  128. He shall feed his flock
  129. He shall feed his flock; Come unto him all ye that labour
  130. His yoke is easy
  131. PART 2 - Behold the lamb of God
  132. He was despised
  133. Surely he hath borne our griefs
  134. And with his stripes
  135. All we like sheep
  136. All they that see him
  137. He trusted in God
  138. Thy rebuke hath broken his heart
  139. Behold, and see if there been any sorrow
  140. He was cut off out of the land
  141. But thou didst not leave
  142. Lift up your heads
  143. Unto which of the angels
  144. Let all the angels
  145. Thou art gone up on high
  146. The Lord gave the word
  147. How beautiful are the feet
  148. Their sound is gone out
  149. Why do the nations?
  150. Let us break their bonds asunder
  151. He that dwelleth in Heaven
  152. Thou shalt break them
  153. Hallelujah
  154. PART 3 - I know that my Redeemer liveth
  155. Since by man came death
  156. By man came also
  157. For as in Adam
  158. Even so in Christ
  159. Behold I tell you a mystery
  160. The trumpet shall sound
  161. Then shall be brought to pass
  162. O death, where is thy sting?
  163. But thanks be to God
  164. If God is for us
  165. Worthy is the lamb
  166. Amen
  167. PART 1_Lamentation of the Israelites - Overture
  168. The sons of Israel do mourn; How is the mighty fall'n!; He put on righteousness; When the ear heard Him
  169. How is the mighty fall'n!; He deliver'd the poor that cried; How is the mighty fall'n!
  170. Their bodies are buried in peace; The people will tell; They shall receive
  171. The merciful goodness of the Lord. PART 2_Exodus:
  172. Now there arose a new king; And the children of Israel
  173. Then sent he Moses; They loathed to drink
  174. Their land brought forth frogs
  175. He spake the word
  176. He gave them hailstones
  177. He sent a thick darkness
  178. He smote all the first-born
  179. But as for His people
  180. Egypt was glad
  181. He rebuked the Red Sea; He led them through the deep; But the waters overwhelmed
  182. And Israel saw; And believed the Lord. PART 3_Moses' Song:
  183. Moses and the children of Israel; I will sing unto the Lord
  184. The Lord is my strength
  185. He is my God; And I will exalt
  186. The Lord is a man of war
  187. The depths have covered them
  188. Thy right hand O Lord; And in the greatness; Thou sentest forth Thy wrath
  189. And with the blast
  190. The enemy said
  191. Thou didst blow
  192. Who is like unto Thee; The earth swallowed Them
  193. Thou in Thy mercy
  194. The people shall hear
  195. Thou shalt bring them in
  196. For the horse of Pharoah
  197. The Lord shall reign
  198. And Miriam the prophetess; Sing ye to the Lord
  199. Zadok the Priest, HWV258
  200. Let thy hand be strengthened, HWV259
  201. Let thy hand be strengthened; Let justice and judgement; Alleluja!
  202. The king shall rejoice, HWV260
  203. The king shall rejoice; Exceeding glad shall he be; Glory and worship hast thou laid; Alleluja!
  204. My heart is inditing, HWV261
  205. My heart is inditing; King's daughters; Upon thy right hand; Kings shall be thy nursing fathers
  206. Dixit Dominus
  207. De torrente
  208. Nisi Dominus, HWV238
  209. Salve Regina, HWV241
  210. Vouchsafe, O Lord
  211. No. 17, Vouchsafe, O Lord (Dignare, Domine)
  212. Overture
  213. From harmony; When nature underneath a heap
  214. From harmony, from heav'nly harmony (chorus)
  215. What passion cannot music raise and quell
  216. The trumpet's loud clangour
  217. March
  218. The soft complaining flute
  219. Sharp violins proclaim
  220. But oh! what art can teach
  221. Orpheus could lead the savage race
  222. But bright Cecilia
  223. As from pow'r of sacred lays
  224. Overture
  225. Minuet
  226. ACT 1 - See with what grand dejection
  227. No longer, Fate, relentless frown
  228. O Hercules! why art thou absent?
  229. The world, when day's career is run
  230. Princess! be comforted
  231. I feel the god
  232. Then I am lost!
  233. There in myrtle shades reclined
  234. Despair not! but let rising hope suspend
  235. Where congealed the northern streams
  236. O filial piety!
  237. Banish your fears!
  238. Begone, my fears
  239. A train of captives, red with honest wounds
  240. March
  241. Thanks to the powers above
  242. My father! Ah! methinks I see
  243. Now farewell, arms!
  244. The god of battle quits the bloody field
  245. Crown with festal pomp the day
  246. ACT 2 - How blest the maid ordained to dwell
  247. It must be so!
  248. When beauty's sorrows livery wears
  249. Whence this unjust suspicion?
  250. Ah! think what ills the jealous prove
  251. It is too sure that Hercules is false
  252. Jealousy! Infernal pest
  253. She knows my passion
  254. From celestial seats descending
  255. Wanton god of amorous fires
  256. Yes, I congratulate your titles, swelled
  257. Alcides' name in latest story
  258. O glorious pattern of heroic deeds!
  259. Resign thy club and lion's spoils
  260. You are deceived!
  261. Cease, ruler of the day, to rise
  262. Some kinder power inspire me
  263. Joys of freedom, joys of power
  264. Father of Hercules, great Jove, O help
  265. Love and Hymen, hand in hand
  266. ACT 3 - Sinfonia
  267. Ye sons of Trachin
  268. O scene of unexampled woe
  269. Tyrants now no more shall dread
  270. O Jove! what land is this
  271. Great Jove! relieve his pains
  272. Let not thy fame the tidings spread
  273. Where shall I fly?
  274. Lo! the fair fatal cause of all this ruin!
  275. My breast with tender pity swells
  276. Princess, rejoice!
  277. Words are too faint
  278. Prince, whose virtue all admire
  279. Ye sons of freedom
  280. To him your grateful notes of priase belong
  281. Overture
  282. PART 1 - Mourn, ye afflicted children
  283. Well, may your sorrows
  284. From this dread scene
  285. For Sion lamentation make
  286. Not vain is all this storm of grief
  287. Pious orgies, pious airs
  288. O Father, whose almighty power
  289. I feel the Deity within
  290. Arm, arm, ye brave!
  291. We come, in bright array
  292. 'Tis well, my friends
  293. Call forth thy pow'rs
  294. To Heav'n's almighty King we knell
  295. Oh liberty, thou choicest treasure
  296. Come, ever-smiling liberty (Aria)
  297. Oh Judas, may these noble views inspire
  298. Come, ever-smiling liberty (Duet)
  299. PART 2 - Lead on, lead on!
  300. So will'd my father
  301. Disdainful of danger
  302. Ambition! If e'er honour was thine arm
  303. No unhallow'd desire
  304. Haste we, my brethen
  305. Hear us, oh Lord
  306. Fall'n is the foe
  307. Victorious hero!
  308. So rapid thy course is
  309. Well may we hope
  310. Sion now her head shall raise (Duet)
  311. Sion now her head shall raise (Chorus)
  312. O let eternal honours
  313. From mighty kings
  314. Hail, Judaea, happy land! (Duet)
  315. Hail, Judaea, happy land! (Chorus)
  316. Thanks to my brethren
  317. How vain is man
  318. Oh Judas, oh my brethen!
  319. Ah! wretched Israel! (Air)
  320. Ah! wretched Israel! (Chorus)
  321. Be comforted
  322. The Lord worketh wonders
  323. My arms, against this Gorgias will I go
  324. Sound an alarm!
  325. PART 3 - We hear the pleasing dreadful call
  326. Enough! To heav'n we leave the rest
  327. With pious hearts
  328. Ye worshippers of God; No more in Sion
  329. Wise men, flatt'ring, may deceive us
  330. Oh! never bow we down
  331. We never will bow down
  332. Father of Heaven!
  333. See, yon flames
  334. Oh grant it, Heav'n
  335. So shall the lute and harp awake
  336. From Capharsalama on eagle wings; But lo! the conqueror comes
  337. See, the conqu'ring hero comes! (Chorus)
  338. March
  339. Sing unto God
  340. Sweet flow the strains
  341. With honour let desert be crown'd
  342. Peace to my countrymen
  343. To our great God
  344. Again to earth let gratitude descend
  345. O lovely peace
  346. Rejoice, oh Judah
  347. Hallelujah! Amen.
  348. Overture; Your harps and cymbals sound
  349. Almighty power; With pious heart and holy tongue
  350. Imperial Solomon, thy prayers are heard; Sacred raptures cheer my breast
  351. Blest be the Lord; What tho' I trace each herb and flower
  352. Blest the day
  353. Thou fair inhabitant of Nile; Welcome as the dawn
  354. When thou art absent from my heart; With thee th' unsheltered moor
  355. My blooming fair come; May no rash intruder; Sinfonia (Arrival of Queen of Sheba)
  356. From Arabia's spicy shores; Every sight these eyes
  357. Sweep, sweep the string; Music, spread thy voice
  358. Now a different measure try
  359. Then at once from rage
  360. Next the tortured soul release; Thus rolling surges
  361. Thy harmony's divine; From the censer curling rise
  362. From the East unto the West
  363. Thrice happy king; Golden columns bright and fair
  364. Beneath the vine
  365. Gold now is common; How green our fertile pastures
  366. Swell the full chorus
  367. May peace in Salem ever dwell; Will the sun forget to streak
  368. Adieu, fair Queen; Praise the Lord.; Ev'ry joy that wisdom knows
  369. Overture; ACT 1 - Viva, il nosto Alcide
  370. Presto omai l'Egizia terra
  371. Empio, dirò, tu sei
  372. Priva son d'ogni conforto
  373. Svegliatevi nel core
  374. Non disperar, chi sa?
  375. L'empio sleale, indegno
  376. Alma del gran Pompeo
  377. Non è si vago e bello
  378. Tutto può donna vezzosa
  379. Nel tu seno
  380. Cara speme, questo core
  381. Tu la mia stella sei
  382. Va tacito e nascosto
  383. Tu sei il cor di questo core
  384. Son nata a lagrimar
  385. ACT 2 - V'adoro, pupille
  386. Se in fiorito ameno prato
  387. Deh piangete, oh mesti lumi
  388. Se a me non sei crudele
  389. Sì spietata, il tuo rigore
  390. Cessa omai di sospirare!
  391. L'angue offeso mai riposa
  392. Venere bella, per un istante
  393. Al lampo dell'armi
  394. Che sento? oh Dio!
  395. Se pietà di me non senti
  396. Belle dea di questo core
  397. L'aure che spira
  398. ACT 3 - Dal fulgor di questa spada
  399. Sinfonia; Domerò la tua fierezza
  400. E pur così in un giorno ... Piangerò, la sorte mia
  401. Dall' ondoso periglio; Aure, deh, per pietà
  402. Quel torrente, che cade dal monte
  403. La giustizia
  404. Voi, che mie fide ancelle
  405. Da tempeste il legno infranto
  406. Non ha più che temere
  407. Sinfonia and March; Caro! Più amabile beltà
  408. Ritorni omai.
  409. Madre!
  410. Sinfonia and March; Caro! Più amabile beltà
  411. Ritorni omai.
  412. Madre!
  413. Bellissima Cleopatra...Caro! Bella!


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